All season the TSI World Bracknell Bees have been raising money for the Royal Marsden Hospital and yesterday a handful of players together with Paul and Ben from the Supporters Club and our very own Buzz attended the hospital to make a presentation of £1,500.

Players in attendance brought smiles to the children’s faces as they involved them in ice hockey games and Buzz was on hand for selfies and smiles as the children got to try their hand at ice hockey against some of our players and our mascot.

Across the season the Bees have worn the purple jerseys which were sold on own and loan for the Royal Marsden Hospital as well as cash collections and thanks to the generosity of the Bees fans and those supporters of other team’s visiting the Hive we’ve been able to make a £1,500 donation.

The Bees chose to support the Royal Marsden Hospital as a thank you for the outstanding work they did helping a young Bees fan, Zach White, in his battle with cancer. Zachary was diagnosed with AML leukaemia in February and spent a lot of time at the hospital where it became clear despite the phenomenal work they do, they do it on very tight resources. Equipment and staff is a priority for the hospital so we decided to join charities who donate a lot to make the lives of the patients better through toys and other distractions from their treatment.

Danny Milton, Zack Milton, Ryan Webb and Casey Wilson were the players in attendance yesterday and Danny explained; “It was great going to see the children at the Royal Marsden Hospital. Seeing the kids put on the kit, shoot some balls and pucks and getting to see a smile on their faces makes you realise why you love the sport and the game.

A heartfelt thanks from all at the Bees to everyone who’s given so generously across the season enabling us to make this donation.