These are obviously challenging times for everyone so we feel it is important, as a club, that we continue to provide an outlet to our fanbase at a time when some will be feeling isolated. We feel it is a social obligation to reach out and provide content strands and opportunities for fans to continue to engage with the club in the safest way possible.

Our media team is working hard to come up with solutions. We have already removed the pay wall from the Bees Radio Network and are in the process of moving this content across to a new provider, which will allow us to be listed on the likes of Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Alexa and other outlets, making it accessible for all and will continue to produce weekly podcasts for our fanbase, of which we’ll have more news soon.

We have also looked at different content strands and hope to release some of these across our social media platforms in the coming weeks, utilising our fantastic Bees TV archive along with anything else we are able to achieve remotely.

We have also engaged with external partners to look into the possibility of hosting ‘Watch Parties’ of old games, providing familiarity on a Sunday night by bringing the Hive to an online audience and, again, providing a place for fans to remotely get together and partake in the sport that we all love so much.

Again, to reiterate, we feel this is a social obligation, by us as a club, to continue reaching out to our fanbase in this way. Bee safe, Bee Cautious and Bee Aware. Hopefully, come September, we will all be back at the Hive, cheering on the guys in the white, black and gold.