This weekend the TSI World Bees take on the Leeds Knights in a doubleheader weekend. On Saturday the Bees take the trip up to Planet Ice Leeds to take on the Knights for their away fixture of the weekend then return to the Slough Ice Arena on Sunday for their home game to face the Knights again.

Last season the Leeds Knights were a strong competitor in the league as well as competition for the Bees, especially when it came around to playoff time. From the last 5 encounters between the two sides the Bees have come out with 2 wins but 1 overtime win and they were both during the playoff season. Over the offseason, Leeds have made some changes to the roster by having some players deciding to leave the club as well as some new faces joining like new import Grant Cooper and Bailey Perre. However, they saw the loss of Brandon Whistle, a key player in their lineup, over the season.

Players to watch out for in the upcoming games against the Knights will be Forward Adam Barnes, who also wears the A for Leeds this season. Adam gathered a total of 72 points for the Knights last season and 28 of those points were goals, however, Kieran Brown will be a key player in this Leeds roster for the upcoming season due to the fact he gathered a total of 109 points for the Knights last season and 54 of those points were goals. On the powerplay, Kieran managed 17 points (7 goals and 10 assists) while Leeds had an advantage. Also new player to the Leeds roster Grant Cooper has already made his presence known among the teams Leeds have faced by already getting 10 points.

Sam Gospel will play a big role in goal for the Leeds Knights throughout this season. From last season we saw Sam Gospel stop some incredible chances the Bees had when they were at full strength as well as when they were on the powerplay. Sam Gospel recorded a save percentage of .914% in the 2021/22 season and already this season has been in nets for 4 games that Leeds have won. Something else to notice is that Leeds has 12:25 goals against and for ratio.

To get tickets to see the Bees take on the Knights, check out the website to secure your seat on Sunday at the Slough Ice Arena but if you cannot make it no need to worry as you can get Bees MNL stream so you will not miss any action on Sunday.