NIHL National 2021/2022 December 27, 2021 - 5:15 pm
Slough Ice Arena
Slough Ice Arena


: 3
Ice Sheffield



On Monday, The Bees took on the Raiders in a game for which everyone knew would be very tense and that assumption did not fail to become the reality even though both teams found themselves short benched .

In the first period, James Galazzi took on Oliver Baldock in the opening face-off with James Galazzi coming out on top. From this period we saw some amazing chances coming from Harvey Stead, Juha Lindgren as well as Skate Skalde. The Raiders defence was extremely tough to get past in the period and helped Ethan James stop some amazing chances in front of the net but also chances around the net that were being created. Then at 8:15 Harvey Briggs helped the Raiders take the lead with help from Tjay Anderson. To see out the first period out we saw some amazing goaltending from both Adam Goss and Ethan James and great chance being produced by Dominik Gabaj and Oliver Baldock. The first ended at Bees 0-1 Raiders

Going into the Second the Bees started off by making a lot of early chances, which were coming from Juha Lindgren, Dominik Gabaj and James Galazzi, and from these chances we saw a beautiful glove save come from Ethan James to yet again deny a Bees goal. A great chance was brewing for Harry Harcup but the play was broken up by a Raiders man and later on through an attempted poke check Luke Jackson received a 2 minute tripping penalty. Not long after we see a key figure for the Raiders be forced to leave the ice through a high stick penalty, Tjay Anderson had to sit for 2 minutes. Whilst the Raiders were short handed Oliver Baldock took the chance to get past Goss but was denied and we saw a great start to the powerplay come from the Bees but still not granted any goals by the end of the second however Tommy Huggett got past Goss with assists going to JJ Pitchley and Jack Cooper leaving the second period at Bees 0-2 Raiders.

A big period three was needed from the Bees and automatically they came out with fight and passion. At the start we saw a great partnership coming from Stuart Mogg and Skate Skalde as well as Josh Kelly stopping Sean Barry from getting any early chances. Then at 42:46 Dominik Gabaj helped the Bees get into the game by scoring with assists going to Harvey Stead and James Galazzi, but then to many Bees fans surprise Christian Mohr scored with a lovely shot initially coming from Juha Lindgren but Christian Mohr got the goal with assists going to Juha Lindgren and Adam Rosbottom.  Raiders shortly after Christians goal then took the lead once again with a goal coming from Tjay Anderson , who on the night was an extremely big character on the ice for the Raiders, with an assist going to Harvey Briggs. Jacob Ranson then found himself getting a Roughing penalty with only 4:51 left of the game which the Bees took the 5 man advantage on a powerplay and with 4:36 left in the game Dominik Gabaj scored to grant the Bees a one goal lead with assists going Edward Bradley and Harvey Stead but yet again Raiders found themselves having to kill another penalty coming from Oliver Baldock who received a High Sticks penalty which then led to the Bees getting another chance on the powerplay and James Galazzi did take the chance and was rewarded with a goal at 56:17 with assists going to Dominik Gabaj and Juha Lindgren. The final score was Bees 4-3 Raiders.


A key line on the night was the line of Callum Burnett, Harvey Briggs and Tjay Anderson for the Raiders as this particular line was constantly producing chances and were so quick to the puck they all played a key role for the Raiders and will be a line to watch out for in our next fixtures against the Raiders. But for the Bees the Slough players who had joined us helped a lot to produce chances and make key players as well as Dominik Gabaj, Harvey Stead and so many others who were constantly on the puck to make those key plays on the night.



Date Time League Season
December 27, 2021 5:15 pm NIHL National 2021/2022 2021/2022


Slough Ice Arena




# Player G A SOG PIM
4Luke Jackson0002
10James Galazzi1100
15Joe Baird0000
21Adam Rosbottom0100
23Dominik Gabaj2100
38Juha Lindgren0200
65Harvey Stead0200
84Adam Goss0000
94Stuart Mogg0000


# Player G A SOG PIM