NIHL National 2021/2022 January 22, 2022 - 6:30 pm
Planet Ice Basingstoke
Planet Ice Basingstoke


: 5
Slough Ice Arena


Thrilling game in Basingstoke with the Bees taking the overtime win.


Match report – Bison v Bees 22.01.2022 

Referees: Jarvie and Poulton with Linesmen Cook and Charmicheal

Curtis Warburton starts in net for the Bees.
Jordan Lawday started in net for the Bison.

Midway through the first period Bees #94 Stuart Mogg changed jersey number to #17 due to blood.

Period 1

TSI World Bees begin with Curtis Warburton in goal and we welcome Zaine McKenzie to the line up wearing shirt number 6. Bees were missing Alan Lack due to injury picked up during the week.

Both teams came out fast and strong with opportunities for both sides, the Bison seem to have a slight upper hand. This didn’t last for long though as Ryan Webb (#18) found a way through the Bison, thanks to a great set of passes from Ed Bradley (#73) and Harvey Stead,(#65) and he found the back of the net to secure the first goal of the game, scored at 04:17.

As the period continues its clear Bison were shocked with the Bees upper hand and things start to get a bit scrappy. This resulted in a penalty on Will Stead (#19) as he gets 2 minutes for tripping at 04:49, much to the surprise of Will and the Bees Bench. Bees kill off the penalty and managed to keep the puck out as the defence pairings  proved to be working well. However, a mistimed pass lead to a turnover of possession and the Bison tick-tack-toed passes to Adam Jones who found the back of the net securing the Bison’s first goal timed at 08:56, assists going to Zack Milton and Ashley Tait.

The remainder of the period was very back and forth with chances for both sides, especially for the Bees, but we couldn’t find the net as Lawday stood strong between the pipes. 

The Bison did have the slight upper hand when clearing their zone but we managed to keep them clear with a few chances on net coming the Bees way as well.

14 seconds till the end of the period, the net came off which brought a stop in play, and there were some complaints from the Bison. The remaining 14 seconds ticked down with nothing to report, and the teams headed to the changing rooms.

End of Period 1
Bison 1 (8 SOG) Bees 1 (11 SOG)

Period 2

Both sides came out strong especially the Bison as they were keen to gain back control, they set themselves up nicely and had many chances to score. 

The Bees managed to keep them at bay with some good saves from Warburton. This changed as Zack Milton worked his way forward with the help of Ashley Tait and Alex Roberts and they positioned themselves well and passed accurately resulting in Milton finishing the move with the Bison’s second goal of the game, timed at 28:56. 

The Bees again had more opportunities but Lawday held strong even with a few near misses as he failed to secure the puck but the Bison defence were ready for this and cleared their zone successfully each time. 

The Bees pushed forward but then a missed pass resulted in a breakaway from George Norcliffe and he secured the Bisons 3rd goal of the 2nd period at 36:36, with assists going to Jay King and Adam Harding. 

The remainder of the period again became a little scrappy with both sides stepping up the physical contact to attempt to rough each other up, there were a few handbags and pushing and shoving in front of both nets nearer the final minutes but nothing major to report. The period ended with 10 shots on Lawday and 16 on Warburton

End of Period 2
Bison 3 (10 SOG) Bees 1 (16 SOG)

Period 3

As we entered the final period the Bees fans were optimistic as they continued to shout and sing.  The travelling Bee Army were the 6th man and the Bees came out hungry for the final 20. Stuart Mogg managed to work the puck forward and with a nice pass back and forth with Dom Gabaj, he shot and scored at 41:09.

The Bees continued to push, James Galazzi fed a pass back into the zone but found himself caught up with a Bison player, they had a few words and exchanges, but the refs shouted to continue and as this was happening. Josh Martin skated forward with the puck with support from Ryan Webb who he then quickly passed to and he shot close in front of Lawday and secured the Bees 3rd goal, timed at 45:25. This was a delayed penalty goal due to the incident at the other end. 

Game On for the remain 14 minutes!

As the period progressed both teams again had many chances, but then Bees suffered a blow as Joe Baird was handed 2 minutes at 49:05 for delay of the game when he tried to clear the puck out of the zone, but it went into the netting above the PlexiGlass. As the penalty began the Bison took full control and quickly made the most of it as Alex Roberts scored a powerplay goal with the assistance of Aidan Doughty at 49:11. 

The period was rapidly running out and Bees knew they needed to step it up to secure another goal, this spurred on the fans too as they sang and made as much noise as they could to cheer on the team. The support and noise from our travelling fans pushed the boys on the ice and with a great set of passes from Harvey Stead to Adam Rosbottom and then to Dom Gabaj which ended with the puck in the back of the net as Gabaj beat Lawday, equalising the score at 50:27. 

The Bison were not happy and really stepped up the physical contact with a few big hits which eventually went against them as Aidan Doughy soon found himself in the penalty box with a 2 minute penalty for cross checking. As this penalty was being recorded by the refs the Bees called a time out, they needed to pull together and work out how to win this game. 

The Bees determination had once again stepped up a level, with great passing and positional play but this was short lived as James Galazzi was given 2 minutes for interference but this didn’t dampen the Bees spirits. The travelling Bee Army became that extra man again during the 4 on 4 helping the boys stay focused. Bison then called a time out as they were struggling to also secure that final goal whilst on their power play. The period quickly timed out and the gamed ended all square, resulting in both sides receiving 1 point.

End of Period 3

Bison 4 (12 SOG) Bees 4 (5 SOG)


As overtime began the Bees start short due to James Galazzi being in the penalty box so it was 4 on 3. The Bison pushed forward but Curtis Warburton held strong in his net slowing the play to allow the Bees to regroup and prepare for the return of their 4th player. As the Bees penalty timed out, Galazzi came charging out of the box, received a pass and then made a very quick pass forward to find a central Juha Lindgren who danced straight down the middle and shot on Jordan Lawday, missing his pads and burying the puck in the back of the net, securing the win for the Bees.

The Bees players rushed off the bench and team staff congratulated each other as our Bee Army went wild. A deserved the win after a fantastic 3rd period performance coming back from being 3-1 down, great job by the whole team and the support from the travelling fans.

End of Overtime Period

Bison 4 (1 SOG) Bees 5 (2 SOG)


Bees – 18 Ryan Webb
Bison – 24 Zack Milton


Date Time League Season
January 22, 2022 6:30 pm NIHL National 2021/2022 2021/2022


Planet Ice Basingstoke




# Player G A PIM


# Player G A PIM
4Luke Jackson000
10James Galazzi002 (58:57')
15Joe Baird002 (49:05')
18Ryan Webb2 (04:17', 45:25')00
19Will Stead002 (04:49')
21Adam Rosbottom010
23Dominik Gabaj1 (50:27')10
27Josh Smith000
38Juha Lindgren1 (62:01')00
65Harvey Stead020
84Adam Goss000
88Josh Martin020
94Stuart Mogg1 (41:09')00

Director of Hockey: Doug Sheppard
Equipment: David Spalton
Equipment: Brian Miller
Assistant Coach: Bill Webb



 04:17' 18. Ryan Webb
 04:49' 19. Will Stead
Player 8.56' 
Player 28.56' 
Player 36.36' 
 41:09' 94. Stuart Mogg
 45:25' 18. Ryan Webb
Player 49.11' 
 49:05' 15. Joe Baird
 50:27' 23. Dominik Gabaj
Player 57.07' 
 58:57' 10. James Galazzi
 62:01' 38. Juha Lindgren