NIHL National 2021/2022 January 30, 2022 - 4:15 pm
Ice Sheffield
Ice Sheffield


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Slough Ice Arena



Sheffield Steeldogs v Bees – 30.01.2022

Refs Miller + Williams

Lines Stainforth + Neenam

Period 1

Brett Shepherd started in net for the Bees on Sunday night. The team were without Curtis Warburton and Adam Goss. Curtis was backing up for the Sheffield Steelers in Fife and Adam was celebrating his recent wedding. Congratulations!  Finally thank  you to the Sheffield Titans and Charlie Renzi for supporting the team when a back up netminder was needed at short notice. 

Both teams started strong with chances for both. Ryan Webb had the first shot but this was an easy glove save for Zimozdra. The Bees continued to have a few chances but these were no challenge as the Steeldogs began to take control. Jason Hewitt and Matthew Bissonnette set up a shots on Brett Sheppard but they are saved well. The period continued with the Steeldogs in possession. This quickly transfers into the the Steeldog’s first goal at 07:09. This was scored by scored by Lee Bonner and assists going to Tim Smith and Lewis Bell.  The Bees kept their heads up as the game proceeded. Luke Jackson and Jack Brammer have a  coming together but they are quickly separated by the linesmen and no penalties were given. The Steeldogs kept possession meaning little opportunity for the Bees. Hewitt and Bisonnette were proving dangerous for the team as breakaway and  a  great backhand shot secures the second goal of the game timed at 14:09. This was scored by Bissonnette and the assists going to Hewitt and Bonner. 

The Bees continued to push but then suffered a loss as Harvey Stead was handed a 2 minute penalty  for cross checking at 15:20. The Steeldogs failed to to capitalise on the power play. The Bees soon had a chance as the Steeldogs were on the penalty kill with Lewis Bell was given 2 minutes for tripping at 18:18.  Bees sought hard to use the advantage and managed to move forward with the puck as Hewitt headed to the penalty box to sit 2 minutes for slashing at 19:24. Dominik Gabaj had a couple of chances to score but fell short as the remainder of the period was played out quickly and ended 2-0

Period 2

The Bees started the period with the advantage as the Steeldogs were on the penalty kill.  The team tried to make something of it as Will Stead, Dominik Gabaj and Ed Bradley set themselves up well but made the passes too complicated and ran out of space to shoot. 

At the other end of the ice, Shepherd made some good saves as the Steeldogs returned to 5 skaters. This didn’t last long. At 24:21 Hewitt once again returned to the box as he is given 2 minutes for hooking. The penalty was the result of good pressure from Gabaj,  Adam Rosbottom and Juha Lindgren as they pushed forward with the puck.  Each time the Bees continued to push forward, the Steeldogs managed to intercept and retake possession of the game. This, once again, worked in their favour as Hewitt, Bonner and Bissonnette broke free again and Bissonnette buries the puck securing the their 3rd goal of the game off the back post. 

The Bees were clearly dampened by this goal as the game became increasingly scrappy. Both sides attempted to rough each other up which resulted in Luke Jackson and Jack Brammer having a scuffle again. The scrap in the bottom corner resulted in both being given 2 minutes for roughing timed at 28:46. With both players sat in the box, neither team benefited from the 4 on 4 play and both penalties expired.  The Steeldogs systematically cycled the puck round. They passed well and this meant Lee Haywood was able to shoot and secure another, timed at 30:07. 

As the play continued, The Bees gained possession and charged down the ice. It was to no avail as the puck was lost to Ben Morgan. Morgan turned it round, shot down the middle of the ice but the Bees players quickly came together and crashed into the goal. The whistle went and the Steeldogs were then given a penalty shot. Nathan Ripley took the shot, he dangled it around slowly in front of Shepherd and shot, but this was promptly gloved. Shepherd’s first NIHL National penalty shot and was saved nicely. Well done! 

Jackson had a quick chance but his shot was easily saved and thrown back into play. It wasn’t long before he found himself back in the box at 34:45 as he received 2 minutes for elbowing.  The Steeldogs were shifted into a well drilled power play. Shepherd held strong as he was peppered with shots from Bonner, Kirk and Hewitt saving them all confidently. As Jackson returned to the ice he attempted to break out with the puck straight out the box, but the Steeldogs defence intercepted his attempt as they regained control. At the end of the period Harvey Stead had a few words with Haywood but they were intercepted and quickly ushered off the ice and into their changing rooms.


Period 3

Both teams returned to the ice as the Steeldogs changed their netminder to Miles Finney. As the period got underway both teams had chances. Gabaj had a few early chances denied. The Steeldogs gained possession, once again, coming down the ice. but as Hewitt and Bonner both attempt to score they were abruptly denied and ended up in the net on top of each other. Josh Kelly was defending well. Charlie Thompson soon crashed the net into the goal causing another scuffle resulting in a coming together as Kelly stepped into to defend his netminder. Both players received 5 minutes for fighting at 47:34. 

The game physicality picks up pace. Josh Martin  found himself under a pile of players. The linesmen manage to pick them apart  as the officials head to the box to discuss potential penalties. After a lengthy chat Martin who receives 2 minutes for holding and Hewitt was handed a match penalty for fighting. He swiftly leaves the ice and the game resumed.

The Bees struggle to gain control of the puck and again the Steeldogs step up and move forward. Some great passing soon secures their 5th goal at 48:43, short handed, scored by Smith. The Steeldogs have the upper hand and control of the game, but they soon fall short as Haywood receives 2 minutes for boarding giving the Bees another opportunity to gain back control. The Bees return to 5 skaters doesn’t last long as Harvey Stead made his way to the box with a slashing penalty at 51:15. All penalties timed out and both sides return to full strength with little drama. J

James Galazzi received a penalty for interference at 54:19. As the game enters the final minutes, the Bees got another chance as Brady Doxey is handed a hooking penalty a 55:32. As Galazzi returns to the ice, Stuart Mogg made a great pass to Rosbottom. This was blocked by a stray leg in front of the goal. Down in the bottom of the ice behind the goal, Zaine McKenzie found himself on the ground as he fought for the puck but tensions boil over with Harvey Stead and McKenzie at the centre of it all. 

After discussion McKenzie is ejected from the game and Stead returned to the bench to receive first aid after a high stick drew blood. After some confusion it was announced that McKenzie received a match penalty for fighting, Stead received 5+Game for slashing and Steeldogs Ripley received 2 for roughing, these were all timed at 57:30.

As the game drew to a close, the Steeldogs kept up the pressure and the Bees struggled to keep them at bay. This pressure resulted in 6th and final goal at 59:45 scored by Haywood.


Steeldogs – Matthew Bissonnette

Bees – Brett Shepherd 


Date Time League Season
January 30, 2022 4:15 pm NIHL National 2021/2022 2021/2022


Ice Sheffield




# Player G A PIM
4Lewis Bell002 (18.18')
5Brady Doxy012 (55.32')
6Ben Morgan030
17Jason Hewitt0129 (19.24', 24.21', 47.29')
20Thomas Palmer1 (48.43')00
29Nathan Ripley002 (57.30')
34Dmitri Zimozdra000
36Henry Adams000
39Miles Finney000
42Timothy Smith030
56Lee Haywood2 (30.07', 59.45')02 (49.23')
71Jack Brammar002 (28.46')
73Matthew Bissonnette2 (14.09', 26.53')10
74Lee Bonner1 (7.09')20
81Charles Thompson007 (47.34')
90Jonathan Kirk000


# Player G A PIM
4Luke Jackson004 (28.46', 34.45')
10James Galazzi002 (54.19')
18Ryan Webb000
19Will Stead002 (15.20')
21Adam Rosbottom000
23Dominik Gabaj000
27Josh Smith000
38Juha Lindgren000
65Harvey Stead0027 (51.15', 57.30')
92Alan Lack000
94Stuart Mogg000
88Josh Martin002 (47.29')


74. Lee Bonner 7.09' 
73. Matthew Bissonnette 14.09' 
 15.20' 19. Will Stead
4. Lewis Bell 18.18' 
17. Jason Hewitt 19.24' 
17. Jason Hewitt 24.21' 
73. Matthew Bissonnette 26.53' 
 28.46' 4. Luke Jackson
71. Jack Brammar 28.46' 
56. Lee Haywood 30.07' 
 34.45' 4. Luke Jackson
17. Jason Hewitt 47.29' 
 47.34' Player
 47.29' 88. Josh Martin
81. Charles Thompson 47.34' 
56. Lee Haywood 49.23' 
20. Thomas Palmer 48.43' 
 51.15' 65. Harvey Stead
 54.19' 10. James Galazzi
5. Brady Doxy 55.32' 
 57.30' Player
29. Nathan Ripley 57.30' 
 57.30' 65. Harvey Stead
56. Lee Haywood 59.45'