The TSI World Bees are saddened to announce, after more than 15 years, Stuart Robinson and Katie Eleftheriou have decided to take a step back from their Director roles within the club.

The Club owes both Katie and Stuart a huge debt of gratitude for their commitment and untold hours spent working both on game nights and behind the scenes.

Katie and Stuart started running the team, whilst it was based in Bracknell in December 2007. This was a massive commitment. Not only did both have demanding full-time jobs, but the role with the team was also another full-time job on top of busy family lives. Their tireless commitment meant late nights and working weekends to plan match night, marketing and working on building sponsorship as well as washing team jerseys! After some leadership changes, Stuart stayed on as Team Manager for a brief spell before stepping down to help run and develop the Bracknell Hornets. Stuart helped the new ownership consortium BTZ successfully get up and running, before Katie joined him again, following some Board changes, to reform their partnership.

Whilst their roles have changed over the years, their commitment has been unwavering. However, the time has come to let others take the helm.

Both Katie and Stuart remain committed to the team’s success and will continue to support the organisation in different ways. Their love of the sport remains and will still be at the rink!

We are sure all Bees fans, staff, volunteers and players, both past and present, will join us in thanking them for all that they have done.