Over the coming days the TSI World Bees take on the Raiders IHC in a double header with both home and away fixtures. 

Raiders currently stand 6th within the league while the Bees find themselves at the bottom of the table as the Hull Seahawks have 2 points more than the Bees. 

Going into these fixtures against the Raiders the Bees will need to watch out for a couple of key players within the Raiders lineup that could have big impacts on the game. One of these players is Forward Matthieu Gomercic who currently has stats showing that in 22 games he has scored 11 goals and 22 assists. Another player the Bees need to watch out for is Jake Sylvester who has a great shot and has great puck accuracy that helps the Raiders in many different situations. Jake has also collected a total of 28 points so far for the Raiders . The Raiders have also had the addition of Alex Roberts to their lineup and so far he has a total of 4 goals and 2 assists but all together has 6 points in 6 games, leading to an average of 1 point per game. 

Players with the top points for the Raiders so far this season are Matthieu Gomercic with 33 points, Jake Sylvester and Harry Gulliver also currently has 28 points while Aaron Connolly has a total of 26 points so far this season. 

Tonight the Bees welcome the Raiders IHC as well as their fans to the Slough Ice Arena and we would love to see as many Bees fans down the Hanger as possible to cheer on our boys. Click here to purchase tickets to the game and we look forward to seeing you all down at Slough loud and proud.