The TSI World Bees can release the following league information

IMJ Group is proposing to form a new ice hockey team to represent Hull in the National League. Following a feasibility study, the group submitted applications to the National League for membership and HCAL for tenancy of the Hull Arena.

It is fair to say that both bodies welcomed the applications and due diligence process is almost complete. Matters are moving to an advanced stage in terms of contracts being exchanged. Pending news of acceptance, a further announcement is due, hopefully before the end of April.

IMJ Group appreciates that Hull fans are restless for the return of National League hockey. We at IMJ Group share your enthusiasm and frustration. However, during the due diligence process we are not permitted to comment further. We trust that fans can appreciate the situation and remain patient alongside us for a few more weeks. Subject to approval from HCAL and EIHA, we will hold a fan’s forum, at which the owners, all Hull born individuals and hockey fans, will be introduced.

We cannot emphasise enough how difficult it has been and continues to be, to regenerate a Hull-based hockey club in the National League. Moving forward we aim to build on the positive legacy of the Hull Pirates. We feel especially grateful to the Hull Jets who have kept alive senior hockey in the city and rest assured, if our applications are accepted, we will endeavour to do everything we can to repay their efforts and move forward as entities supporting each other.