Earlier in the season, at our fan forum, the question was asked about ways in which the atmosphere could be improved at home games. We have been very fortunate to have a couple of volunteers step up to help generate the atmosphere with drums and chanting. We see this as a very welcome addition to the club and the players on the ice appreciate the support and noise coming from the stands.

We also understand that the noise is not for everyone and we want to make sure all fans are comfortable and have an enjoyable experience at all home games.

Going forward, we have decided to designate block E as a family block. Obviously we would still hope people will chant, sing and cheer within this block, however will ask fans not to use drums or horns within the seated area of this block.

We hope by implementing these changes, we can continue the fantastic noise and atmosphere whilst also offering an area where fans can be assured the noise levels will be lower in general throughout the game.