It’s another weekend of Ice Hockey as the TSI World Bees Ice Hockey Club enter their second weekend of the Spring Cup series with a home and away tussle with the Telford Tigers.

The Bees started with a series against the Wildcats gaining a point from their two outings against a team who started the competition a week prior. Last weekend the Tigers started their campaign with home and road wins against Raiders IHC.

You can get your stream ticket for Saturday’s road game by clicking

We will also be running a shirt off the back on Saturday and you have a chance to win James Galazzi’s jersey on Saturday via

On Sunday we’re back on home ice at Slough Ice Arena and streams can be purchased at

On Sunday we’re also running shirt off the back to win Zack Milton’s jersey via and you can enter our 50/50 draw at to win a cash prize which could be up to £1000!

Don’t forget you can get on the stream also. To be on this Sunday’s stream record a short video (in landscape mode) and email it to before 2pm on Saturday.