That’s another season in the books BEE Army.

We will have a full wrap up of the winners for you later today but we could not let the evening pass without some thank yous.

To all our Match Night Live team for your hard work streaming and tweeting games. Our coverage is seen as some of the best in the league. Your hard work, week in and week out, has paid off.

The off-ice officials for giving up their time every home game. The games would not run without you and we are lucky that the best off ice officials in the league wear the Bees’ logo on their chest.

The Community Team and the Supporters’ Club are the cogs that run our game nights and raise funds for the club. The Supporters’ Club works relentlessly for the team. We cannot thank you enough for the effort you put in. Also we can’t wait to see what you do next season when you go back into schools again Community Team.

To our bench staff, you keep the team running each training session and every game. It can be a full time job some weeks but you have risen to the challenge and kept the boys supplied in energy drinks, plenty of tape, clean jerseys and Mars bars all season. It’s safe to say each player on the ice values your contribution off the ice.

Bernie you have kept the boys patched up all season, especially when injuries started to rack up. Each player values your experience and most importantly your care and compassion when they needed it. You are truly a rock for us all on the road and always have the hot coffee to hand.

Of course if we didn’t have a team and coach, we wouldn’t need the above. Doug and each and every player on the ice has given their all this season. The performances when we have been short benched have been nothing short of heroic. We are proud of you all.

Finally BEE Army, you have come when we have called you to assemble this season. Your energy has been immense and you have been the 6th player, and kept the boys going on the ice. We can’t wait to be back on the ice next season. Keep BEElieving, Keep BEEing loud and Keep BEEing proud!