The TSI World Bees Ice Hockey Club can today make the exciting announcement of the club’s new formal name as we look forward to our move to Slough. Following our enforced departure from Bracknell the club will now formally be known as the TSI World Bees Ice Hockey Club.

Head Coach Doug Sheppard explained; “The Bees are a club with a long and proud heritage since our formation in 1987 and despite no longer being able to play in Bracknell we want to take that heritage forward with us.  We also want our supporters to still be a part of our club and we very much look forward to having your support as the Bees Ice Hockey Club the same way we always have as the Bracknell Bees.”

We’re thrilled to be partnering with TSI World for the next seven years. Graeme Bower and TSI World are very passionate about our sport and love how involved we’re in the Community and Schools Programme. The Bees IHC are looking forward to the move to Slough and working closely with Everyone Active and Slough Borough Council. This is a great opportunity for the Bees IHC to expand our Community and Schools programme into Slough, Maidenhead, Windsor and the surrounding areas.”

Graeme Bower said; “With the announcement of a new home in Slough, I wanted to further add stability of the Bees Ice Hockey and show our commitment to the continued investment in and growth of this fantastic sport.

We are committed to the next 7 years as title sponsor and we wanted to use every opportunity to work with the Bees and their other partners to help further in the community outreach programmes and expand it across most of East Berkshire

This pandemic has been tough for everyone across the country and we hope that our commitment to and partnership with Bees is good news for expanding local community and can start to bring a smile back onto everyone’s faces.

Roll on the new season as soon as it is safe to start.

Doug Sheppard added further thoughts; “We’re delighted that TSI World have decided to extend their title sponsorship by seven years.  We see exciting things ahead for the Bees as we look forward to starting again after the Coronavirus pandemic in our next home.

Graeme’s vision and our vision are in perfect harmony and I’m certain that this synergy will be mutually beneficial to both TSI World and the Bees.  We look forward to working again with TSI World and now also working with Everyone Active to get the new season started as soon as we safely can.

With the move from Bracknell to Slough we’ve also re-designed our logo, keeping in line with our Bracknell heritage but also embracing our new home in Slough. This year’s jerseys and all our future merchandise will proudly feature our new logo.

We will shortly also be launching a new website as well following our rebrand.