Weekend Preview

This weekend the TSI World Bees take the trip to Bristol to face the Pitbulls on Saturday and then welcome the Peterborough Phantoms to the Slough Ice Arena on Sunday.

The Bristol Pitbulls currently sit in one position above the Bees in the league. They are 9th in the league with 27 and eager to catch up with the Telford Tigers who have 29 points after a home win against the Bees last Sunday. Owen Sobchak who is a key player in the Pitbulls lineup will not be icing in the game against the Bees on Saturday, Bees will try to take advantage of this loss for Bristol as Owen has a huge impact on the Pitbulls’ offensive gameplay. Caly Robertson and Reece Kelly will be ones to watch for the Bees fans as these two are skilled on the puck and will not stop pushing until the very end of the game to make sure their team secures the 2 points from the game. In the games against the Pitbulls, the Bees have unfortunately not come away with a win against them yet however have come close a couple of times and one time through forcing them into an overtime game. Face-off for this game is at 7pm. 

The Peterborough Phantoms history with the Bees is very one sided with the Phantoms winning all their games so far against the Bees this season but many of these games have been close and extremely competitive. Peterborough currently sit 3rd in the league with 64 points, the same points as the Milton Keynes Lightning, so they will be keen to keep at their winning form and secure these 2 points against the Bees as they continue to fight for the league title against the Leeds Knights who have 65 points and the Milton Keynes Lightning. In the recent games against the Phantoms, Joe Gretton has been an important part of the game through his persistence towards the goal as well as him keep producing chances for his team to secure a substantial lead. Another player worth mentioning is Glenn Billing who statistics wise is an extremely important player as while he does score, he also is extremely good at making the opportunities for his teammates to get the chance at scoring and is not selfish with the puck. Face-off for this game starts at 5pm.

If you cannot make the trip to Bristol on Saturday, the Pitbulls will be providing a stream so you do not miss any of the action and I will be helping out on the stream so as well as a Pitbulls view on the game you’ll also have a Bees perspective on the game and how it’s going. 

Finally if you cannot make it to our home game against the Phantoms on Sunday no need to worry again as Bees MNL will be running and providing you in depth analysis of the game, click here to purchase.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday at the Slough Ice Arena.