After a tough weekend the TSI World Bees face the Peterborough Phantoms again this weekend at home on Saturday and then make the trip up to Telford on Sunday to face the Telford Tigers.

Last weekend on Saturday the Bees travelled to Peterborough and the outcome was a 5-3 loss for the Bees. A key player for the Phantoms was Corey McEwen and will definitely be one to watch for the Bees as at the end of Saturday’s game Corey came away from it with 2 goals and 1 assist whilst also having many chances towards the end of the game when the Bees had an empty net to get himself a hatrick. Netminder Ryan Bainborough faced a total of 35 shots from the Bees on that night, however on the other side of the ice Jamie Downie faced a total of 42 shots from the Phantoms. The Peterborough Phantoms currently stand 3rd within the League.

The Bees will travel up to Telford on Sunday to face the Tigers and last time the Bees made the trip Telford came out on top. A key player for the Tigers would be young Sam Watkins who has made his presence known in multiple games against the Bees as well as Vladimir Luka who has proven himself to be key for many of Telford opportunities within a game. Recently the Tigers announced the return of Andy McKinney who many will know as he has previously iced for Telford last season and many seasons before that too, fans will also be aware of the impact Andy can make within a night for the Tigers as we have seen in previous seasons in games against Telford. Telford also made the announcement only just this morning that Henry Adams will be returning back to Telford after leaving the Sheffield Steeldogs.

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