A successful weekend for the TSI World Bees as on Saturday it was a close game against the Wildcats with a final score of 3-2 with the Wildcats walking away with the points but then a 5-0 shutout against the Bristol Pitbulls on Sunday evening at the Slough Ice Arena.

The first period on Saturday against the Swindon Wildcats started off strong for the Bees as Dan Rose got the Bees on the scoreboard for the first time on the night at 06:24 with assists awarded to Adam Rosbottom and Luke Jackson. The Bees went through the majority of the first period with an extremely defensive play that worked up until Aaron Nell managed to equalise the game at 19:31 with assists going to Tomasz Malasinski and Tyler Plews. This left the first period back at square one for both teams. 

Bees came out with offensive gameplay in order to try to regain the lead in the game but a penalty was called on Dominik Gabaj for Tripping gave the Wildcats a man advantage for 2 minutes. Sam Bullas took full advantage of the extra man on the ice and got past Adam Goss at 27:32 with a powerplay goal and assists were awarded to Tomasz Malasinski and Balint Pakozdi. This goal saw Swindon take the lead for the first time on the night. Some great chances came from Will Stead and Juha Lindgren, however did not manage to get to the back of the Swindon net and the second period finished 2-1 in favour of the Wildcats. 

The third period started off very even with chances for both teams but neither could get to the back of the goal. Chris Jones managed to get the puck to the back of Bees net with another powerplay goal for the Wildcats, timed at 49:23 with assists awarded to Aaron Nell and Russell Cowley. The Bees were quick to react to the Wildcats success with a goal as Dominik Gabaj got the Bees 2nd goal of the night timed at 51:22 with assists awarded to Will Stead and Brendan Walkom. However this was not enough for the Bees to secure the 2 points from the game but they did put up a good fight.

On Sunday evening the TSI World Bees welcomed the Bristol Pitbulls to the Slough Ice Arena for the Pitbulls second visit to Slough of the season.

During the first period both teams were eager to secure these 2 points for the final push towards making it into a playoff position. Bees were first to make it onto the scoreboard on the night with Brendan Walkom scoring 12 minutes into the game with an assist going to Will Stead. Head Coach Dominik Gabaj with around 2 minutes left in the first period decided he wanted to test the Bristol netminder and added to the Bees score, seeing the Bees end the first period with a 2 goal lead. 

The Bristol Pitbulls began the second period applying an extreme amount of pressure onto the Bees defence as well as testing Bees netminder Adam Goss but even top point scorer for the Pitbulls Caly Robertson, who had previously iced for the Bees, could not get past Adam Goss. Some key defensive plays from Ed Bradley helped to stop his brother Dan Bradley extending the Bees lead even further on the night, however at 37:13 Brendan Walkom found himself with a chance to create a larger gap on the scoreboard he did so by scoring the Bees’ third goal of the night with assists awarded to Dominik Gabaj. The rest of the second period the Pitbulls were able to stop the Bees’ offensive gameplay to leave the second period 3-0 in favour of the Bees. 

The Bees started off the third and final period with a defensive approach in order to preserve their lead as these 2 points were a vital part in the Bees’ final push to make it to a playoff position. Alan Lack and Reece Kelly for the Pitbulls exchanged words after Alan Lack did not approve of a hit Reece Kelly had done on a Bees player, which then led to the Bees coming away from the altercation with a power play chance. Nothing came of this man advantage for the Bees, however it gave them the chance to tire out the Bristol defence as the Bees had many chances within the power play opportunity. With 4 minutes left of the game, the Bristol Pitbulls decided they wanted to take a risk and pull netminder Will Kerlin in order to gain an extra man on the ice to stop the Bees from getting a shutout against the Pitbulls but this helped the Bees score 2 empty net goals with one goal coming from Juha Lindgren and the other from Dan Rose. Harvey Stead also was awarded an assist on both empty net goals that gave him the chance to donate an extra £50 to the already raised total of £2000 which was raised on the night for the amazing charity Young Epilepsy that is very close and important to Bees defensemen Harvey Stead. The Bees walked away from this game with a 5-0 victory against the Bristol Pitbulls and their first shutout against the Pitbulls this season. 

Saturday the Bees welcome the Hull Seahawks to the Slough Ice Arena for another game as intense as the victory against the Bristol Pitbulls.

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