Over the course of last weekend the TSI World Bees faced the Sheffield Steeldogs away on Saturday and then for the last time this season welcomed the Milton Keynes Lightning to the Slough Ice Arena on Sunday for the Bees’ home fixture of the weekend.

Sheffield Steeldogs vs Bees IHC

Dominik Gabaj helped the Bees take an early lead at 04:34 in the first period, with assists being awarded to Brendan Walkom and Dan Rose. The Steeldogs were not going to let the Bees keep the early lead for long though as Alex Graham was able to get Sheffield’s first goal on the night at 09:37 with an assist awarded to Matt Bissonnette. More chances went in favour of both teams but then at 15:13, JJ Pitchely helped the Bees regain their lead while assists were given to both Harry Harcup and Josh Martin, this saw the first period finish Steeldogs 1-2 Bees.

The Steeldogs came into the second period with a real offensive push to try and test Adam Goss who was in between the pipes for the Bees. Jason Hewitt did manage to get the back of the Bees goal to equalise the game at 24:53 with assists awarded to Matt Bissonnette and Alex Graham. The line with Alex, Jason and Matt proved itself to be extremely influential as at 28:43 Jason Hewitt secured his second goal of the night with assists going to Matt Bissonnette and Alex Graham again while also helping Sheffield take the lead for the first time on the night. The Bees were however able to react to Sheffield taking the lead with a powerplay goal from Dominik Gabaj, timed at 36:18 assists went to Brendan Walkom and Will Stead. This left the second period at 3-3leaving it all to play for in the final period. 

Both teams started the third period with real fight as both teams were in need of the 2 points, as Bees knew that if they did not get the points there playoffs chances would be gone. Juha Lindgren gave the Bees the lead early on in the period with a goal timed at 41:30 an assist was awarded to Ryan Webb. Thomas Dermott equalised the game yet again for the Steeldogs with a goal timed at 43:15 with assists awarded to Jason Hewitt and Lee Haywood then at 45:53 Vladislavs Vulkanovs took the lead for the Steeldogs again and Ben Morgan and Jack Brammer were given the assists on the goal. Less than a minute later, Alex Graham got his second goal of the night at 46:32 while Matt Bissonnette and Jason Hewitt had the assists again. Then again at 49:07 Alex Graham secured his hat trick on the night with assists awarded again to Matt Bissonnette and Jason Hewitt. Warren Tait saw Alex’s success and then got his own with a goal timed at 50:07 and was assisted by Jordan Buesa and Jonathan Kirk. The last goal of the night for the Steeldogs was scored by Lee Haywood at 58:02 and assists were awarded to Warren Tait and Vladislavs Vulkanovs. This left the game finishing Steeldogs 9-4 Bees.

Bees IHC vs MK Lightning

The Milton Keynes Lightning made the trip to the Slough Ice Arena ahead of the Bees trip to Planet Ice MK this upcoming weekend. One key player the MK Lightning were without was Sean Norris who was serving his final game in his suspension. 

A great start to the first period for the Bees with them being able to shut down the MK Lighting from Matt Smital in goal for the Bees and some good defensive plays by Stuart Mogg. Juha Lindgren got the Bees onto the scoreboard to give the Bees an early lead at 12:54 with assists awarded to Joe Baird and Ryan Webb. More chances went in favour of the Bees by Brendan Walkom and Will Stead, and at 14:51 Will Stead was able to get to the back of the Milton Keynes goal assists were awarded to Brendan Walkom and Dominik Gabaj. Not long after the Bees’ second goal Deivids Sarkanis was able to get the first goal for the Lightning on the night at 16:46 and assists were awarded to Tim Wallace and Ed Knaggs. This saw the first period end Bees 2-1 Lightning.

Another strong start to the period for the Bees as they came out in the second period as Dominik Gabaj extended the Bees’ lead to 2 goals at 32:19 with an assist awarded to Will Stead. Some more amazing saves were made by Matt Smital in goal for the Bees. Tim Wallace was able to react to the score with a goal at 37:14 with assists awarded to Deivids Sarkanis and Milique Martelly. We saw some great defensive plays by Harvey Stead during the second period and the second period came to an end with the score 3-2 in favour of the Bees.

Great start to period 3 for Stuart Mogg with a goal timed at 41:21 and an assist was given to Dominik Gabaj. Deivids Sarkanis was yet again able to get to the back of Bees net and get another goal for the Lightning at 45:26 while Bobby Chamberlain was awarded the assist on the goal. It only took the Bees 33 seconds to get another goal onto the scoreboard and it was scored by Dan Rose at 45:59 and Dominik Gabaj and Will Stead received the assists on the goal. This left the game finishing with the Bees 5-3 Lightning and it was the Bees’ first time beat the Lightning so far this season.