TSI World Bracknell Bees started their weekend with a trip to Peterborough to take on the Phantoms.

Peterborough Phantoms 5 TSI World Bracknell Bees 4

The home team took an early lead at 1.15 thanks to Bradley Powering but parity was restored at 2.48 with a Dominik Gabaj goal. Corey McEwen netted a powerplay goal for Peterobourh at 8.16 and Petr Stepanek scored another on the powerplay at 13.08 meaning when the first period ended the home team benefitted from a 3-1 lead.

Gabaj converted a powerplay at 27.47 to pull it back to a single goal game but Ales Padelek betted at 33.08 while Bees were shorthanded to ensure the two goal margin was retained at the second interval.

A powerplay goal from Harvey Stead made it 4-3 at 53.04 and Ryan Webb scored the equaliser at 55.52 buy McEwen’s second with 54 seconds remaining sealed the win for the Phantoms despite the brave Bees comeback.

Peterborough: Mcewen 2+1; Susters, Norton 0+3; Stepanek, Padelek 1+1; Bowering 1+0; Billing 0+1. Net: Marr (60.00) 40/4
Bracknell: Gabaj 2+1; Knaggs, Z Milton 0+2; Webb, H Stead 1+0; J Baird, Malinik, Ealey-Newman 0+1. Net: Goss (59.40) 31/5 & Empty Net (0.20) 0/0

Period Scores: 3-1/1-1/1-2
Shots On Goal: 31-40
Penalty Minutes: 14-12
Gamesheet: https://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2235458

On Sunday the Bees skated out on home ice to face the Swindon Wildcats with the home team fighting to secure their play off spot and the visitors fighting to put pressure on Telford for the league title.

TSI World Bracknell Bees 3 Swindon Wildcats 2

Josh Ealey-Newman set the tone with a goal for the Bees just 101 seconds into the game. He was followed by Aidan Doughty converting a powerplay exactly midway through the opening period.

While the Bees had played a strong opening period the visitors came into the game with a much better second period and goals from Toms Rutkis at 32.08 (PP) and 33.48 saw the game tied as the second interval was taken.

Aidan Doughty broke the deadlock at 50.03 with the game winning goal and despite Wildcats taking their time out at 58.23 and completing the game with an empty net they couldn’t find an equalising goal.

Bracknell: Doughty 2+0; Ealey-Newman 1+0; Galazzi, Webb, Z Milton, B Baird, Mogg 0+1. Net: Goss (60.00) 43/2
Swindon: Rutkis 2+0; Jones, L Taylor, VanKleef, Liddiard 0+1. Net: Hedley (58.23) 36/3 & Empty Net (1.27) 0/0

Period Scores: 2-0/0-2/1-0
Shots On Goal: 36-43
Penalty Minutes: 22-8
Gamesheet: https://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2235464