A home and away weekend for the TSI World Bees with the Telford Tigers started on home ice on Saturday night.

TSI World Bees 5 Telford Tigers 2

Tigers raced to a two goal lead thanks to goals from Nicholas Oliver (11.37) and Jack Hopkins (16.40) but Bees pulled one back before the interval when Josh Martin finished in front of the net at 18.39.

At 24.55 Vanya Antonov scored to level the game and James Galazzi scored the game winning goal at 27.59 converting a powerplay. Soon after Galazzi would be back in action as he came together with Jake Price at 33.43. Bees netted their fourth at 37.38 thanks to Niklas Ornmarker and then Mikey Power and Andrew McKinney had a coming together at 37.45.

The only goal of the final period was Antonov’s second at 45.38 giving the Bees the home ice win.

Gamesheet: http://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2296938

Sunday saw the Bees on the road on their way to Telford.

Telford Tigers 5 TSI World Bees 2

Sunday’s game would turn out to be a mirror image of the game from the day before as Niklas Ornmarker opened the scoring at 4.05 and Dominik Gabaj netted the Bees second at 14.54. Jason Silverthorn made it 1-2 at 17.38.

Three unanswered second period goals followed for the Tigers with Finley Howells scoring at 25.46 and Scott McKenzie netting a poweplay goal at 26.48 with Austin Mitchell-King scoring at 32.13.

Just as the night before the only goal of the third period would come from the home team when Jonathan Weaver netted at 57.31 with Bees opting for an empty net.

Gamesheet: http://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2296942