At Bees Ice Hockey club we understand how important ice hockey is to our local community as a whole, not just the action on the ice.  

We developed the community arm to our club a year ago and have reached thousands of young people and their families through visiting the surrounding areas with Buzz, our mascot, at events, activities and local town centres. 

Our goal is inclusion into every part of our local community, welcoming everyone into our club from any background.  We care about enriching young people’s lives and making a difference,  with a focus on mental, physical health and of course having fun.   Over the last year we have developed our community team and taken on partnerships with local town centres to ensure that we are wide reaching within our local area.  It has been something that we are really proud to have seen grow and develop over the past 12 months and the effect that it has had on many young peoples lives as they discover ice hockey for the first time.

Working closely with the schools and first shift team, our aim is to be able to visit a wider and more varied community focusing on particularly those more disadvantaged to enable everyone to be able to access the benefits of our sport.   

If you have any feedback or comments about our community programme please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you at