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Hall of Fame

Since 2004 we have been inducting people into the Hall of Fame, now through our website, you can browse the histories of these great people who have been involved in Ice Hockey up until the very day.

Bees Hall of Fame

The original British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame was created by Bob Giddens in 1948, a Canadian player and journalist based in London, who was the editor/publisher of the weekly newspaper Ice Hockey World by lapsed with publisher’s demise in 1958.

Bees Ice Hockey Club brought in the Hall of Fame back in 2005 at The Hive, having now moved to Slough, you can now view the Hall of Fame here on our website where each year, a selection committee considers potential new members for induction, of individuals who have rendered “outstanding service to British Ice Hockey”.

John Nike OBE

Mr Nike was responsible for bringing ice hockey to Bracknell and without him the Bees would not have any history to talk about.  His legacy lives on within the Club  and will continue to do so even with the move to Slough.

Matt Coté

Matt Coté was one of the longest serving member of the Bracknell Bees, serving club for ten years (1990–2000). Coté’s game play involved throwing his body in the way of slap shots. He is held in high esteem by players and fans alike and for this, the club honoured him by retiring his number 8 shirt following his retirement in 2005.