Matt Cote


Matt was drafted 218th overall to the NHL by the Winnipeg Jets in 1986. He arrived in Bracknell to start in the Bees first season in the Heineken Premier League in 1990/91 season. A league which contained the best clubs in Britain. These were the Durham Wasps, Nottingham Panthers, Murrayfield Racers and Peterborough Pirates.

It was Bees coach at the time Todd Bidner who brought Matt to the Hive and he quickly set about setting out his stall. He was a no nonsense defenceman. By blocking shots and putting his body on the line and many teams were jealous of his prowess on the ice. In some games he actually blocked more shots than the netminder. He was sort after by most of the teams in the Premier League. Matt stayed true to the Bees and the faithful Bee Army. He was liked by players and fans alike, he was approachable and took a lot of time to help with the junior club, as well as the fans.

His playing style was unique and effective. He was one of the toughest defenceman in the league to play against. Not from a physical sense, but by his style on the ice. Many ex-players will remember being on the end of one his infamous hip checks for example.

In Matt’s career he played for the Bees for 10 years as well as playing for the Basingstoke Bison and Wightlink Raiders in his later years. He also represented Great Britain 4 times during his career. This included the Pool A World Championship in 1994.

Matt Played 408 games for the Bees Scoring 102 Goals 179 assists and 447 Penalty Minutes and an uncounted “ton” of blocked shots.

Matt is also related to current Bees Harvey and WIll Stead. He also still holds the record for the fastest someone can demolish a giant bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk. To be fair Matt loves chocolate. (I hope he doesn’t mind us mentioning that)

Matt is another one of those players who definitely fits the title BEES LEGEND. An honour many will have witnessed at the Hive when his jersey was sent to the rafters and his number retired. It now takes pride of place with our other Jersey Retirements online and the Bees Wall at Slough Ice Arena

Matt Cote’s Elite Prospect