The TSI World Berkshire Bees IHC are helped out on a day to day basis by a number of off ice officials and volunteers. As a group, they help keep things running smoothly both on and off the ice. We are grateful for each and every one of them!


The Off-Ice Official Team work with the On-Ice Officials during game nights to ensure the smooth running of a game. There are many roles that we have to cover including Timekeeper, 2 Scorekeepers, 2 Penalty Box Attendants and of course 2 Goal Judges. The game announcer is also an Off-Ice Official. All Off-Ice Officials are registered as Off Ice Match Officials with the EIHA.

Even though our officials are Bees fans they have to remain impartial and professional during the game. They are all volunteers and are not paid for their services. Here at the TSI World Berkshire Bees IHC we are proud to have one of the most respected off ice teams in the league and a number of the team have been privileged to have represented the Bees at the NIHL National League Finals Weekend. Some of our officials have been invited to help with the newly formed NIHL Events Team.

If you interested in becoming an Off-Ice Official, please contact us at


We are very fortunate at the TSI World Berkshire Bees IHC to have an active group of volunteers.

Our volunteers carry out various duties on game nights and in the community.  From Sponsor and Corporate hosting on game nights through to helping out at events such as the Bracknell Forest Summer of Fun, we are always looking for volunteers to help us make the biggest impact for the Club and in the Community.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Bees please contact us at