The Bracknell Bees Supporters Club and TSI World Bracknell Bees are pleased to announce details of our End of Season Presentations.

In the current status it’s impossible for us to organise a social event to present the end of season awards so we’ve done the next thing and we’ll be bringing you a virtual awards ceremony this Friday evening.

“Admission” is free, you bring the refreshments and we’ll guide you through the 19/20 award winners on our Youtube channel this Friday night from 7.00pm. We’ll publish the link on our social media feeds later on this week and you can set a reminder.

To coincide with the presentations we’re also running a 25/25/50 raffle live on FB after the presentation.

Tickets can be bought for £1 each with a minimum spend of £5 and the money will be split 25% to the winner 25% to the club and 50% to the NHS charity.

£1 tickets (subject to minimum £5 spend) can be bought by emailing Instructions will then be sent on how to pay and when the money arrives in the BBSC account we will screenshot your tickets back.

There will then be a live draw on Friday night after the presentation event on the supporters club Facebook page.

Join us on Friday for our virtual presentation evening.  #BeeThere