Over the course of the season it has been fantastic to see kids interacting with the players after the game. Whatever the result, there are always a great number of them wanting to greet the players off the ice for a fist bump. The numbers waiting around the player exit has increased massively over the past few weeks and months.

Due to the area being very congested after the game, with it being utilised by two teams and the movement of the equipment post game and sometimes the need for the ice resurfacer to gain entry to the ice; we have decided to review this process in the interest of safety of fans, officials, players and rink staff.

Effective from tonight’s game against the Leeds Knights; the changing room area, spanning from the away team rink entrance door to block F behind the players bench, is now strictly only for players, match officials, team staff and selected off ice officials only on any given match night. This will be in effect from the doors opening until the teams have left the rink after the game.

After tonight’s game, we are inviting those who wish to have fist bumps with the players to do so from the away team bench and the players will do this during their lap of appreciation.

Those wishing to have fist bumps must form a queue behind block G where they will be met by a member off the off ice team. Fans must not enter the away bench or seating area until instructed to do so to ensure fans and officials of the Knights can easily leave this area.

Space on the bench is restricted so we encourage parents of to allow their children onto the bench and supervise from behind the bench where possible.

Tonight will run as a trial for next season and we welcome your cooperation with the off ice members to ensure it is successful so it can be an option for next season.