Statement from the Directors

Since our move from Bracknell to Slough due to the closure of the Bracknell Ice Rink, The Bees have sort to integrate ourselves into the Ice Hockey fraternity in Slough, but more importantly into the local Slough community and businesses.  We have undertaken a large amount of work to raise the profile of our sport in Slough and the surrounding areas and this has started to pay dividends, with the Bees enjoying significant increases in gates over this last season. We have also brought over a number of supporters, sponsors and partners from our days playing out of Bracknell and we continue to work hard to grow those relationships alongside the work we are now doing in Slough.  With increases also in supporters, sponsors and partners from other parts of Berkshire, particularly in Windsor, Maidenhead and Reading, the Bees are becoming a growing presence in Berkshire as a whole.

The club lost some elements of its identity in the move from Bracknell, particularly in the name, and it has been increasingly noticeable that many people (supporters, partners and sponsors alike) sometimes find it difficult to associate where the Bees are from and what we are trying to achieve until an explanation is given. This is most true of some Media Outlets (BBC, ITV, local newspapers etc.), some of whom are sometimes unsure whether we should be covered or not.

The Bees are in Slough, but have a reach right across Berkshire and the Club needs to portray this large reach and identity.  After much work (and we would like to thank many of our volunteers in making this happen as well), the Directors are delighted and very excited to announce a major identity and brand change for your Bees Ice Hockey Club…..



As we move into the future, in Slough, we will never forget the history of this great Club and we will be looking at many ways to incorporate and celebrate that history throughout the coming season and beyond.

In the coming days and weeks there will be additional announcements and releases of information on the preparation for the new season in Black and Yellow.

We look forward to starting the new season as the Berkshire Bees and to continue to grow this fantastic club into the future.