A tough weekend for the TSI World Bees as they come away from the both games this weekend without any point after putting in a tremendous amount of effort into the trip up to Shropshire and then at home to the Wildcats on Sunday.

Telford Tigers 8-4 Bees IHC

The Tigers came away with the opening period face-off win but was a slow start for both sides for the first 10 minutes of the period. At 13:51, Vladimir Luka ended the Tigers’ silence,   and released the Teddies for the Tigers’ teddy bear toss, with assists awarded to Jesse Sutton and Jack Watkins. This was the only goal scored during this period but there were some good opportunities to equalise from Gianni Vitali and Vanya Antonov but they were unfortunate to not get to the back of Brad Day’s goal. In this period after some amazing saves Brett Shepherd faced 13 shots on goal while Brad Day faced 10.

During the second period there was a situation where Will Stead faced a 5+20 for Roughing timed at 34:56 which found the Tigers on the power play as they only faced two 2 minute minors in the situation. Before this power play chance the Tigers were able to score goals that were scored one by Vladimir Luka and the other by Finley Howells. While the Tigers were on the power play both Lucas Price and yet again Vladimir Luka managed to get themselves onto the scoreboard and Vladimir Luka secured his hat trick of the night. Brett Shepherd faced a total of 16 shots during this period while Brad Day faced only 6. 

Some great saves were made by Brett Shepherd throughout the night while the Bees tried their best offensively to change the score on the scoreboard and at 43:28 Dominik Gabaj ended the Bees’ silence with their first goal of the night with Marcel Balaz picking up and assist on the goal but Jesse Sutton scored his first goal on the night after picking up 2 assists. Another goal was scored by Jaden Peca but Oliver Knaggs was quick to react to the  Tigers’ goal by scoring his own at 45:56 with Gianni Vitali and Brendan Baird receiving assists. Vladimir Luka scored his fourth goal of the night when scoring the 8th goal of the night for the Tigers and with 8 minutes and 20 seconds left in the game, the Tigers decided to replace Brad Day with Matt Bloor in goal for the remainder of the game. Aiden Doughty managed to get himself on the scoresheet at 54:43 with Dominik Gabaj getting an assist on the goal and a final effort from Marcel Balaz with 5 seconds left in the game saw the final score stand at 8-4 in favour of the Tigers. During the final period Brett Shepherd faced 17 shots on goal, Brad Day faced 8 and Matt Bloor faced 5 shots on goal. 

Bees IHC 3-5 Swindon Wildcats

Both teams came depreserate for the points on offer but the Wildcats came away with the face-off win. Some good chances for Gianni Vitali against Renny Marr in goal for the Wildcats but could not get the puck past the line. Colby Tower opened the scoring chances on the night for the Wildcats with a goal timed at 11:05 to give Swindon the lead. Josh Smith was quick to react to the Wildcats’ with his own to equalise the game at 13:50 with Brendan Baird picking up an assist on the goal. Aaron Nell was not going to let the game stay at 1 a piece for long as he scored and restored the Wildcats’ lead at 16:32 leaving the Wildcats going into the second period with a 1 goal lead. Brett Shepherd faced 9 shots on goal during the first period while Renny Marr faced 14. 

A strong start to the second period for the Bees as Gianni Vitali only 1 minute and 21 seconds in managed to get the puck to the back of Renny Marr’s goal to equalise the game with Dominik Gabaj receiving an assist on the goal. But at 23:11, Tomasz Malasinki restored the Wildcats’ lead yet again but Vanya Antonov responded to the Swindon lead again with another equalising goal for the Bees timed at 30:44 with Oliver Knaggs and Stuart Mogg receiving assists. This saw the second period finished 3-3 with Brett Shepherd facing 10 shots on goal and Renny Marr facing 15 shots on goal. 

A very defensive style of play from the Bees throughout the first few minutes of the third period with Brett Shepherd being forced into making a few saves as the Wildcats were eager to regain the lead in the game once again. Some more good opportunities for the Bees to take the lead for the first time on the night but a power play chance was taken advantage of by Tomasz Malasinski and the Wildcats took the lead once again. At 57:41, after more attempts from the Bees to equalise the game once again to secure at least 1 point for their efforts, Tomasz Malasniski secured his hat trick and the 2 points for the Wildcats and left the score at the end of the game as 5-3. In the last 20 minutes of the game Brett Shepherd faced 5 shots on goal while Renny Marr faced 15.