A weekend to make an impact and that is what the TSI World Bees exactly did after securing an overtime win on Sunday evening against the Telford Tigers in a 4-3 victory to end their streak of bad luck. 

A good start to the game for the Bees as they were able to build up momentum early on to test Brad Day in goal for the Tigers as Gianni Vitali and Aiden Doughty were able to break through the defence. Both teams were stuck in a defensive game after the first 20 minutes of the game after neither the Tigers or Bees were able to get the puck to the back of each other’s net to take the lead. 

Both teams came into the second period desperate to end the silence of the first period. After some great defensive plays from Stuart Mogg, towards the middle of the period Marcel Balaz found himself forced to sit a 2 minute Hooking penalty that would prove costly to the Bees as Vladimir Luka was able to get the puck to the back of the Bees’ net at 29:03 to end both teams’ silence for the past 29 minutes. However, the Bees determined to not let the period end in favour of the Tigers and luckily for the Bees they found themselves with a man advantage and were able to capitalise as Captain Stuart Mogg was able to find the back of Brad Day’s goal with only 39 seconds left in the period. This left the second period finishing one a piece.

The Bees were stuck entering the third on the penalty kill after an Interference call was given against Liam Morris. The Tigers were able to take advantage of the man advantage as Finlay Howells was able to get the puck to the back of the Bees’ net and regain the Tigers’ lead at 42:48. Tensions began to rise as the Bees regrouped to try to evaluate a way to equalise the game and that is exactly what Adam Rosbottom did at 48:33 with help from Will Stead and Ty Cathcart. Scott McKenzie for the Tigers was quick to react to Adam’s success as he wanted a taste of getting his own goal after receiving one assist earlier on and at 50:29 he regained the lead again for the Tigers. This would ot be the end of the game though as a great play by Gianni Vitali saw him equalise the game, as the Bees decided to take the extra attacker through Brython Preece skating to the bench , and forced the Tigers to overtime and securing at least 1 point for each team. 

The Bees were able to take control at the start of overtime and were able to build plays to create chances after winning the opening face-off but Telford then gained possession of the puck and were able to test Brython Preece. But a great play between Liam Morris and Marcel Balaz saw the Bees secure the 2nd point and end their loss streak with the goal scored by Marcel Balaz.