Over this weekend as well as the Bees having 2 games, there is more to this weekend than just ice hockey games. Across the league this weekend, teams will be taking the opportunity to celebrate and remember the life of Panthers player Adam Johnson who sadly lost his life last weekend, doing what he loved in a game against the Sheffield Steelers. This is a time for communities around the leagues and teams to come together and pay our respects for a much loved member of the ice hockey community across the world. We welcome everybody at Sunday’s game to join us in celebrating Adam Johnson’s life.

This weekend the Bees will face the Milton Keynes Lightning at Planet Ice Milton Keynes on Saturday then will return to the Slough Ice Arena on Sunday to take on the Peterborough Phantoms. The Milton Keynes Lightning find themselves stuck at joint top of the table with the Leeds Knights as they are both on 18 points, this is after 9 wins and 2 losses for both teams. The Lightning have gotten a total of 58 goals past teams so far this season while only allowing 34 goals to get to the back of their goal in games so far after allowing 319 shots on goal against them. 434 shots on goal go in favour of the Lightning so far this season which leaves them with them roughly averaging 39 shots on goal a game.

 Someone to keep a close eye on during the game against the Lightning will be forward Rory Herrman. He has proven himself to be a vital part of the Milton Keynes lineup and has already ticked off a few achievements this season. He has a total of 21 points from 9 goals and 12 assists and is a big part of their power play line with scoring 2 power play goals this season. The Milton Keynes power play so far has managed to be successful on 14 opportunities out of 57 and this will definitely be something that coach Tim Wallace will want to improve on over the weekend. Two other players to keep an eye out for are Carter and Cameron Hamil. These two are a big part of the Lightning pushing into the offensive zone and being able to overturn pucks in their defensive zone and at neutral ice. This will be something the Bees will need to watchout for with the twins’ fast pace gameplay. Carter Hamil is currently on 5 points after 2 goals and 3 assists, while his brother Cameron is on 4 points after 1 goal and 3 assists.

 The last game of the weekend for the Bees is against the Peterborough Phantoms on Sunday. The Phantoms find themselves sat just above the Bees in 3rd with 2 points ahead of the Bees who are in 4th with 13 points. Peterborough have won 7, lost 4 and 1 overtime loss. They have had a total of 57 goals for and then have had 48 goals against them so far this season. In games this season the Phantoms have allowed 380 on goal and averaged roughly 35 shots against them in a game. While they have also had 332 shots on the opposition’s goal but are averaging 30 shots a game. In power plays this season, there have been 11 chances that have been executed successfully for the Phantoms out of a potential 42 chances but for the penalty kill there have been 24 out of 40 times where Peterborough have managed being short-handed. 

Lukas Sladkovsky will be a key player for the Peterborough Phantoms in the game against the Bees on Sunday. So far this season Lukas Sladkovsky has collected a total of 22 points with 11 goals and 11 assists and 4 of those 11 goals have been while the Phantoms have been on the power play. The Bees will also have to watch out for Martin Susters this weekend as in 9 games he has gathered 21 points from 9 goals and 12 assists but when the Phantoms are on the penalty kill Luke Ferrara will be someone the Bees will have to find a way to control as this season already he has scored 2 short-handed goals.