The Bees walked away from the weekend with 2 points after stinging the Solway Sharks in their first meeting for the season in Dumfries with a 4-1 win then on Sunday took a shocking 7-0 loss against Hull on the way back down South.

Solway Sharks 1-4 Bees IHC

Both teams started off strong with Solway managing to get a couple of early chances on the Bees goal that Brython Preece quickly shut down. Some good defensive plays from Solways’ Liam Stenton prevented the Bees from taking any sort of lead in the game to keep the Sharks battling for their first points since the start of their league campaign. The Bees scored the first goal of the game with a rocket of a one-timer from Dominik Gabaj with assists awarded to Marcel Balaz and Stuart Mogg . Mason Alderson offered some good offensive pressure to try to equalise the game for the Sharks but the Bees defence managed to stop his fast charges towards the goal before he got the chance to shoot at the Bees net. Not long after this the Bees doubled their goal tally with a goal from Liam Morris Timed at 14:26 and an assist was given to Will Stead.

A bit of a quiet second period in terms of either team getting past the goalies and scoring but there were some great plays and a few penalties were called on both teams.

The Bees entered the third period with a 2 goal cushion but it was the Sharks who exerted some early pressure. Brendan Baird was able to limit the Sharks advances towards the Bees net and the Bees’ offensive line were able to switch around and push the Sharks into another defensive gameplay. It was not long after this that the Bees yet again were able to extend their lead on the scoreboard to 3-0 and take control of the game with the goal awarded to Marcel Balaz timed at 41:35 and Dominik Gabaj was awarded with an assist on the power play goal. Scott Henderson finally ended the Sharks’ silence at 53:28 with a goal assisted by Liam Stenton but Brendan Baird got the Bees’ fourth goal of the night, to secure the 2 points, timed at 56:54 with Dominik Gabaj and Marcel Balaz receiving assists. Marcel Balaz received the man of the match award for the Bees.

Hull Seahawks 7-0 Bees IHC

The Bees came away with the opening face-off win and went to push towards the Seahawks defensive zone but were shut down almost instantly. Some good saves were made by Brython Preece in goal for the Bees to prevent Hull taking a lead. Bees were doing a good job at defending their zone and both sides had chances on net during the first period.

In the second period the Seahawks found themselves coming out and scoring 3 goals within 35 seconds. Goals scored by Brock Bartholomew, Finley Ulrick and Nathan Salen saw the Bees stuck in a very difficult situation with a massive gap on the scoreboard. Then at 28:25, Owen Burton managed to get to the back of the Bees net for the Seahawks and make the gap even wider and leaving the Bees with a mountain to climb. Emil Svec got past Brython Preece to get the fifth Hull goal of the night which was followed shortly after by another goal by Bobby Young timed at 35:13.

The Bees attempted to clear their zone after a face-off win from the Seahawks to start the period but the Bees struggled to do this and more chances were faced by Brett Shepherd who had taken over in goal for the Bees in the third and final period. The Seahawks would go on to add a seventh goal to round off the scoring for the evening.

Will Stead received man of the match for the Bees in this game.