Over the course of the upcoming weekend both the TSI World Bees and Raiders IHC will compete in 2 games to decide who wins the Everyone Active Shield for the 2023/24 season. Last season the Raiders came out on top but the previous year the Bees came out with the win.

After the Raiders’ recent success at the playoff weekend last season, during the summer the Raiders have made some big improvements to their roster by adding some faces to the lineup through the loss of the Basingstoke Bison and also having to scout for new imports for this season. Raiders have seen the additions from the Basingstoke Bison of Forwards Zack Milton and George Norcliffe, who were both a vital part of the Bison roster with Zack Milton wearing the “A” as well as George wearing the “C” for the 2022/23 season.

Something the Raiders have also done over the summer is looking for young British talent to booster their line-up for this season by the signings of Brynley Capps, Joe Tomalin and bringing TJ Anderson in for the season, however this time on a full-time contract compared to him being on a 2-way last season with the Raiders IHC 2 and Raiders IHC. Also someone worth mentioning is Ewan Hill who has recently returned to the UK after playing over in America for a season with the Wisconsin River Rapid Kings and while he was there collected a total of 25 points and 70 penalty minutes. 

The Bees in the previous season did find it hard to secure a win against the Raiders they did put an enormous effort into trying to maintain a lead or chase for an equalising goal. Will Stead last season in games against the Raiders had a total of 5 assists and was a key part of creating chances for the Bees as well as Harvey Stead who was a vital part of the defence and shutting down key opportunities for the Raiders that would from to the Bees defensive zone.

Last season against the Bees Thomas Relf and Aaron Connoly both got a total 6 points in games against the Bees. Another player worth looking out for over the weekend is Adam Laishram, who scored 2 goals and 3 assists against Bees last season. He brings real speed and has great puck accuracy when on the ice that benefits the Raiders when it comes to chances to score.

The home leg of the Everyone Active Shield is on Saturday at the Slough Ice Arena and face-off is at 6:30pm with our skate with the Bees on. We look forward to seeing you all loud and proud on Saturday and safe journey to Romford to all those making the journey on Sunday.