Going into this weekend, the TSI World Bees prepare themselves to return back to a 2 game weekend after only facing the Leeds Knights last weekend. On Saturday, the Bees will make the trip to Planet Ice Milton Keynes as they will take on the Lightning and then on Sunday they return back to the Slough Ice Arena to welcome the Telford Tigers for their home fixture of the weekend.

The Milton Keynes Lighting find themselves sat at top of the table from games completed as they have collected a total of 36 points, which is roughly 78% of points on offer, in 23 games after winning 18 games and losing 5 games. Milton Keynes are also going into Saturday’s fixture on a 2 game winning streak after a 4 point weekend last weekend as they beat the Sheffield Steeldogs last Saturday and then the Hull Seahawks at Hull on Sunday. 

The Lightning’s power play unit is roughly 25% effective as they have been successful in 26 out of 103 man advantage chances. In comparison to the Bees, the Lightning’s power play is 5% more effective than the Bes which could play a big role going into Saturday but  the penalty kill unit is equally as effective as the Bees with both teams having a penalty kill standing at roughly 76% effective in games where both teams have been caught short-handed. The Lightning have managed to kill 71 out of 93 penalty kills while the Bees have been able to wipe out 55 out of 72 points this season where they have been short-handed.

Milton Keynes have allowed a total of 713 shots on goal to be put against their netminding duo this season so far and are averaging 31 shots against them in a game while the Bees  are averaging 31 shots on goal a game. The Lightning are averaging more shots on goal in a game with 36 shots after being able to have 822 shots on goal a game against the opposing teams netminder and this will be where the Bees’ defence needs to step in to try to minimise the chances the Lightning are able to get. They have also let 2 short-handed goals get to the back of their goal but on the other side they have also been able to score 7 short-handed goals with those coming from Ross Venus, Dillon Lawrence, Corey McEwen and Mack Stewart but he is away with the GB under 20s. 

Ross Venus will be someone the Bees will need to keep a close eye on as he has piled up 47 points in 23 games with 16 of those points being from goals and the other 31 coming from assists. He has also been able to get to the back of the opposing team’s goal to get 2 game winning goals, 1 power play goal and 3 short-handed goals and this shows he could have a big impact going into the game against the Lightning to change the direction of it. James Griffin in defence will be hard for the Bees to get past as he is able to shut down players but he is also able to play a role of an offensive defensemen as he has scored 3 power play goals this season and could be a threat to the Bees from the blueline. 

The Telford Tigers sit in 6th place within the league standings on 22 points in 21 games, securing roughly 52% of the points on offer, after winning 10 games, losing 9 games and taking 2 games to overtime but losing. Telford are going into this weekend after a 0 point weekend last weekend after they lost to the Leeds Knights last Saturday then losing against the Peterborough Phantoms at home last Sunday.

The Tigers’ power play in comparison the Bees’ may give them a little bit more of an edge going into this fixture as they have managed to successfully use roughly 23% of their power plays after using 23 out of 99 chances they have found themselves with a man advantage, whereas the Bees have only managed to use 20% of their power plays after using 18 out of 89 chances. But going into this weekend it will potentially be something that Bees Head Coach Dominik Gabaj will want to try and improve as well as going into the New Year. Telford have also managed to kill 87% of the times they have found themselves short-handed, which is 83 times. 

Telford have been able to score 79 goals this season and only let 77 goals against them in 21 games. The Tigers are currently averaging 33 shots on goal a game per game and so far they have managed 796 shots on goal and are averaging more shots on goal than the Bees.However, they are also averaging roughly 37 shots on goal a game against them as their netminding duo have faced a total of 767 shots on goal so far this season. Telford have also managed to get 3 short-handed goals to the back of the teams’ nets this season, with those goals being scored by Finley Howells and Deakan Fielder but have allowed 4 short-handed goals against them. 

On Sunday the Bees will need to watch out for Vladimir Luka as in the last game against the Tigers he was able to score 4 goals against the Bees and made a big impact on the way the game went for the Tigers. Vladimir Luka has managed to gather 32 points in 20 games from 22 goals and 10 assists while only facing 6 penalty minutes. Finley Howells will also need to be kept under the Bees’ control on Sunday especially on the power play as he has been able to score 4 power play goals for the Tigers as well as 1 game winning goal which could easily change the direction of the game on Sunday evening.