The TSI World Bees go into this weekend prepared to face the Milton Keynes Lightning in a doubleheader weekend as the Bees make the trip to Planet Ice Milton Keynes this evening and then welcome the Lightning to the Slough Ice Arena on Sunday evening when we Pink The Rink. 

Milton Keynes Lightning 

The Lightning are currently 2nd place within the league standings as they have managed to secure 71 points after completing 46 games and have had 35 wins, 10 loses and 1 game that went to overtime and could not secure the 2nd point. Milton Keynes are on a 2 game winning streak as they were able to beat the Peterborough Phantoms last Saturday and then the Telford Tigers on Sunday. 

Milton Keynes’ powerplay has been roughly 29% effective for them as they have successfully used 54 out of 186 of the man advantages they have had this season so far and then their penalty kill stands at 78% effective after being able to successfully kill 135 out of 174 times that the Lightning have been short-handed. There have only been 3 short-handed goals scored against the Lightning in the 46 games they have completed, but they have also been able to score 15 short-handed goals this season that have been scored by Rory Herrmann, Ross Venus, Dillion Lawrence, Toms Rutkis, Liam Stewart, Mack Stewart and Corey McEwen.

There have been a total of 1,453 shots on goal against the Lightnings’ netminders in their games this season and the netminders are facing an average of 32 shots on goal per game, the Lightning have however been able to have 1,719 shots on goal this season against netminders across the league and are having roughly 37 shots on goal per game. 139 goals have been scored against the Lightning this season with 7 of those being scored by the Bees, but on the other side Milton Keynes have scored 248 goals this season with 14 of those goals being scored against the Bees. 

Going into this weekend’s doubleheader, the Bees will need to keep a very close eye on Ben Solder and Rory Herrmann. Rory Herrmann has been a massive part of the Lightning’s line-up this season with him already managing to secure 100 points from 47 goals and 53 assists in 46 games. He has scored 6 power play goals and 1 short-handed goal this season white also managing 16 assists while the Lightning have been on the power play and will be someone the Bees need to keep under control if Milton Keynes find themselves with a power play chance. Ben Solder plays a big role for the Lightning within their defence and is extremely underrated. He is not afraid to put his body on the line to stop a team from trying to create chances and this will be something the Bees need to try and work around in both games. Ben Solder this season so far has managed to collect 19 points from 2 goals and 17 assists while also having served 36 penalty minutes.