With the recent worldwide developments in COVID_19, and following the stands taken by football’s EPL, EFL and other sports including our own sport’s Elite League, earlier today Milton Keynes Lightning announced that their players were unwilling to travel to Leeds for tonight’s scheduled fixture.

Following this announcement the TSI World Bracknell Bees can confirm that tonight’s road game in Sheffield is postponed. Having met this morning discussed as a team the reasons given by the Lightning and the increased paced spread of Covid_19 we feel that we as a club have a duty of care to look after our players and minimise their risk of contracting this disease as well as minimising the risk to the supporters of both the Bees and Steeldogs.

We also have kept a close eye on the Government’s actions and probable impending actions regarding large scale gatherings which we feel will leave no choice but for our season to end prematurely meaning that today’s fixture is therefore all but academic.

We sincerely apologise to any supporter intending to attend tonight’s game but we hope you can understand the reason for tonight’s postponement.

In the mean time we recommend that you follow the latest government advice on Covid_19 available at http://www.nhs.uk/coronavirus