After an incredible weekend of intense ice hockey, the TSI World Bees get ready to face the Telford Tigers in another doubleheader weekend after facing the Seahawks last weekend. The Bees will make the trip up to Shropshire on Saturday evening to face the Tigers for their away fixture and then welcome them to the Slough Ice Arena on Sunday evening.

Telford Tigers

The Telford Tigers are currently in 6th place in the league table with 14 wins, 16 loses and 4 overtime losses. Altogether this season, Telford have managed to collect 32 points over 34 games and are on a 3 game losing streak including back to back defeats to the Wildcats last weekend.

The power play unit on offer when it comes to the Tigers has been around 22% effective in the 34 games completed after converting on 32 out of 143 chances where Telford have had a man advantage, which could give them the edge in this weekends games as the Bees’ power play is roughly 21% effective after converting on 29 out of 140 man advantages. The penalty kill unit that the Tigers have been putting out this season has been roughly 84% effective as Telford have been able to kill 108 out of 128 of penalties when they have been a player down in the games.

This season so far the Tigers have seen 1225 shots on goal in total from the 34 games they have completed and are currently averaging 36 shots on goal per game on their netminders. While Telford have faced 1225 shots, they have also managed to have 1107 shots on goal and having roughly 33 shots on the opposing teams netminders per game. There have been 6 short-handed goals scored against the Tigers but Telford have only managed to score 3 short-handed goals and they were scored by Finley Howell and Deakan Fielder. 

Going into this weekend’s doubleheader against the Tigers, the Bees will need to keep a close eye on Vladimir Luka. He has managed to collect 51 points by scoring 31 goals and 20 assists with 11 of the goals being scored while having a man advantage and 5 goals of his being game winning goals. In games against Bees this season he has proved himself to be extremely influential on the outcome of games as last time the Bees took on the Tigers away Vladimir Luka scored 4 goals and last time he faced the Bees at Slough he managed to score 1 goal. Another player to watch out for is Rhodes Mitchell-King who has managed to gather 18 points from 1 goal and 17 assists. He is a key individual to watch out for when the Tigers find themselves on the penalty kill.