Head Coach of the TSI World Bees Ice Hockey Club Doug Sheppard prepares for the 21/22 season wasting no time and capturing the signature of exciting prospect Edward Bradley.

20 year old defenceman Edward was one of the prospects signed for the Bees in the Spring Cup and returned 1+1 in his opening Bees campaign.

Prior to his first term with the Bees Edward was a product of the Guildford Junior system before heading to Canada in 2015/16 where he played both Under 15 and Under 18 for CIHA. The following season he posted a respectable 2+6 playing as an Under 18 defenceman for CIHA and earned his first international call up to the WJC-18 championship squad.

2017/18 Edward was again in the points with CIHA at Under 18 and went on to score his first goal for GB at the year’s World Championship. In his final season in Canada Edward was rewarded with the “C” and posted 10+23 from 39 games before 5 GB Under 18 games and 5 GB Under 20 games.

Edward then moved to America where he played with Rochester Monarchs before transferring to Philadelphia where he played both Under 18 and Premier hockey. The majority of his time was spent playing Premier Hockey and he scored 3 times to add to his 17 assists from just 24 outings earning him a further GB Under 20 place.

Edward impressed in the short Spring Cup series prompting Doug Sheppard to offer him his first Bees contract for the upcoming season.

Doug Sheppard explained; “Ed was very impressive in the Spring Cup, we’re thrilled to have him back full time starting in September. He sees the ice extremely well, Ed is going to be a big addition to our blue line.

Edward stands at 6’1 and weighs 187lbs. He shoots right handed.