NIHL National September 10, 2022 - 6:30 pm
Slough Ice Arena
Slough Ice Arena


: 4
Ice Sheffield



On Saturday the Raiders made the trip to the Slough Ice Arena to take on the Bees for the first leg of the Everyone Active Cup. The Bees entered this fixture without Adam Rosbottom, James Galazzi, Joe Baird, Will Stead, or Alan Lack and due to illness, Dan Weller-Evans had to miss out. Whereas the Raiders went into this fixture missing Marco Pascale, Ben Clements, Adam Erskine and TJ Anderson. Only a day before the game, Raiders announced that former Milton Keynes Lighting forward Adam Laishram would join the Raiders lineup as injury cover and would be icing for the team at the weekend. The Bees had the additions of Alex Cole, Alex Murray and Rory Edwards.

Raiders won the game-opening face off and straight away the Bees started with early chances from Brendan Walkom, who had a rebound opportunity to help the Bees try to secure an early lead. Brandon Ayliffe had a good early chance but was denied by Adam Goss, but Juha Lindgren secured the early lead for the Bees at 03:49 with assists being awarded to Josh Smith and Stuart Mogg. Adam Laishram reacted to Juha’s goal with a great equaliser chance after a raiders face-off win and a further good chance for Tommy Huggett led to a great save from Adam Goss.JJ Pitchley found himself receiving a 2-minute minor for Hooking at 12:08 and then at 14:43 Jack Cooper was given a 2minute minor for Hooking too. Brendan Walkom found himself with more opportunities to expand the Bees’ lead but could not get past Ethan James in the Raiders net. Then at 16:49 Stuart Mogg got the puck to the back of the net with a delayed penalty goal with an assist awarded to Dominik Gabaj, however for the Raiders found Dan Scott received 2 minutes for Slashing. Then another penalty for Raiders at 17:33 on Harry Gulliver with 2 minutes for Hooking saw out the end of the first period with it finishing Bees 2-0 Raiders.

The Bees had a strong start going into the Second period with a chance for Juha Lindgren and Josh Smith while the Raiders also had a good chance but Harry Gulliver missed a pass from Adam Laishram and could not finish the play. Some words were exchanged in front of the Bees’ net but no penalties were called. More chances go in favour of both teams but nothing goes into either net but Luke Jackson received a 2 minutes minor for Hooking at 25:48 that ends up in a power-play goal for the Raiders timed at 26:06 Blahoslav Novak with an unassisted goal. More chances go the way of the Raiders and not long after the first Raiders goal Harry Gulliver scores the equalising goal at 29:11 with an assist going to Blahoslav Novak. After the Raiders’ goal the Bees put up a fight and we see some great teamwork between Josh Smith and Dominik Gabaj as well as Alex Cole. The second period ended with Bees 2-2 Raiders.

A face-off win for the Bees from Dan Rose gives the Bees the chance to test Ethan James early on in the period to try and take the lead back. Adam Laishram showed the impact he can have on the Raiders’ gameplay with some great plays coming from him. Then at 42:56, Dominik Gabaj received a 2-minute Boarding penalty which gave the Raiders the chance to further their lead but they could not get past Adam Goss. A chance for Brendan Walkolm saw the end of the Raiders powerplay but at 45:27, Alex Cole picked up a 2-minute Holding penalty. From the one-man advantage, the Raiders had they managed to use wisely to take the lead 46:19 with a power play goal from Aaron Connelly with assists going to Erik Piatak and Dan Scott. The Bees come fighting back desperate to get the third goal and an extremely close chance comes from Juha Lindgren but hit the post then at 47:56 Tommy Huggett scores the fourth goal for the Raiders with an assist going to Jack Cooper. A last power play chance appeared for the Bees as Tom Relf found himself with a Holding timed at 49:38 and from this power play chance Dominik Gabaj and Brendan Walkom got the chance to test Ethan James more but unfortunately could not get past him. Then at 55:39, Brendan managed to get past Ethan James on the night with assists going to Dominik Gabaj and Josh Smith and that saw the game out. The first leg finished Bees 3-4 Raiders.


Date Time League Season
September 10, 2022 6:30 pm NIHL National 2022/2023


Slough Ice Arena




# Player G A PIM
4Luke Jackson002 (25:48')
6Alex Murray000
18Ryan Webb000
21Alex Cole002 (46:19')
23Dominik Gabaj022 (44:56')
24Dan Rose000
27Josh Smith020
38Juha Lindgren1 (3:49')00
51JJ Pitchley002 (12:08')
65Harvey Stead000
84Adam Goss000
88Josh Martin000
94Stuart Mogg1 (16:49')10
96Brendan Walkom1 (55:39')00


# Player G A PIM
4Elliott Dewey000
10Brandon Ayliffe000
11Tom Relf002 (49:38')
12Micheal Power000
13Dan Scott010
14Jack Cooper012 (14:43')
19Harry Gulliver1 (29:11')02 (17:33')
21Callum Wells000
29Jake Sylvester000
32Brad Windebank000
39Ethan James000
43Ethan Reid000
44Adam Laishram000
51Eric Piatak010
57Ashley Jackson000
63Aaron Connolly1 (46:19')00
85Blahoslav Novak1 (26:06')10
86Tommy Hugget1 (47:56')00
95Jacob Ranson000


38. Juha Lindgren 3:49' 
51. JJ Pitchley 12:08' 
 14:43' 14. Jack Cooper
94. Stuart Mogg 16:49' 
 17:33' 19. Harry Gulliver
4. Luke Jackson 25:48' 
 26:06' 89. Blahoslav Novak
 29:11' 19. Harry Gulliver
23. Dominik Gabaj 44:56' 
21. Alex Cole 46:19' 
 46:19' 63. Aaron Connolly
 47:56' 86. Tommy Hugget
 49:38' 11. Tom Relf
96. Brendan Walkom 55:39'