A return to winning ways as Brett Shepherd secures his first win in goal for the TSI World Bees while receiving the man of the match award for an outstanding performance on the Sunday evening. 

Swindon Wildcats 9-4 Bees IHC 

A fast pace start to the game from the Swindon wildcats left the Bees chasing after the puck for possession and early on at 06:37, Swindon captain Sam Bullas opened scoring on the night with Glenn Billing and Jamie Smith receiving assists. Not long after, Gael Lubwele also managed to get the puck to the back of the Bees goal to create a 2 goal gap  on the scoreboard with assists awarded to Tyler Plews and Edgars Bebris at 9:59. Josh Smith later then reacted to the early Wildcats success with a goal time at 11:37 with Aiden Doughty and Liam Morris getting assists but shortly after Tomasz Malasinski reinstalled the 2 goal lead for the Wildcats with Balint Pakozdi receiving an assist on the goal. Just before the period was about to end Colby Tower found a way to get a taste of the scoring feeling at 19:38 with Reed Sayers assisting on the goal, leaving the first period ending 4-1 in favour of the Wildcats.

A slow start from the Bees led to the Wildcats taking advantage and furthering their lead to 5-1 with yet again Sam Bullas getting the first goal of the second period as well as Gael Lubwele and Glenn Billing both receiving assists. Stevie Whitfield was forced to sit a 2 minute Cross Checking penalty, which Dominik Gabaj was then able to take full advantage of the extra skater as he scored the Bees’ second goal of the night with Ed Bradley and Marcel Balaz getting the assists. This saw the second period end 5-2.

To start of the third period the Wildcats’ Edgars Bebris was called for a 2 minute Tripping penalty but this did not stop Tomasz Malasinski furthering the Swindon lead as he managed to score an unassisted short-handed goal timed at 43:36. It was not long after the Wildcats returned to full strength that Gael Lubwele, with the help of Tyler Plews and Glenn Billing, was able to get the seventh goal of the night for Swindon but then at 48:28 Gael Lubwele secured his hat trick of the night with assists awarded to Glenn Billing and Sam Godfrey.A penalty called on Bees Will Stead saw the Bees short-handed for 2 minutes due to a Delay of Game penalty but this did not stop Gianni Vitali from getting a chance for the Bees as he also secured a short-handed goal on the night with Liam Morris being there to take the assist on the goal that was timed at 49:09. Another short-handed goal was scored by Aaron Nell for the Wildcats in the Final 8 minutes of the game with Balint Pakozdi receiving an assist. A goal scored for the Bees by Marcel Balaz timed at 59:24 would see us to the end of the game that finished the Wildcats 9-4 Bees. 

Bees IHC 5-3 Raiders IHC

A strong start to the game from both sides but only 29 seconds in and Dan Rose was forced to sit a 2 minute but only seconds after the Bees found themselves back at full strength the Raiders were able to take the lead. At 2:41, Tjay Anderson secured a lead for the Raiders with assists awarded to Brandon Ayliffe and Ethan James. Tjay Anderson then had another chance against Brett Shepherd and extended the Raiders’ lead to 2 goals at 5:35 with an unassisted goal. The Bees then pushed themselves back into the game to compete with the Raiders and then Marcel Balaz was able to take advantage of the extra man and was able to get the Bees on the scoreboard. The first Bees goal was timed at 14:09 with assists awarded to Dominik Gabaj and Gianni Vitali. After more chances for both teams the first period finished 2-1 in favour of the Raiders.

Early success for Gianni Vitali in the second period as he found the perfect route to face Ethan James who was in goal for the Raiders and slotted the puck to the goal and scored the equalising goal at 20:30, assists were awarded to Adam Rosbottom and Dan Rose.  Shortly after having a part to play in the equaling goal, Dan Rose managed to give the Bees the lead at 29:13 with Harvey Stead and Gianni Vitali having a part to play in the goal but only 25 seconds later Jake Sylvester was able to equalise the game with Zack Milton and Adam Laishram having assists on the goal. At 30:01, Adam Rosbottom was able to re-install the Bees’ lead with Dan Rose and Gianni Vitali getting the assists on the goal, leaving the second period 1 goal ahead of the Raiders.

The Raiders came into the third and final period eager to bridge the gap on the scoreboard between the 2 sides but in doing so resulted in them picking up penalties in which the penalties called against Tjay Anderson for interference left the Bees able to get their fifth goal of the night. This power play goal was scored at 53:46 by Dominik Gabaj with Gianni Vitali and Vanya Antonov receiving assists. This left the game finishing 5-3 and the Bees got their first win of the year as well as Brett Shepherd had is first victory in goal for the Bees this season.