This weekend the TSI World Bees face the Swindon Wildcats for their final away fixture in Swindon for the rest of the season and then on Sunday welcome the Bristol Pitbulls to the Slough Ice Arena for Harvey Stead’s 500th senior game. 

Last time the Swindon Wildcats and Bees encountered each other this was at the Link Centre on the 28th January. The Wildcats cats walked away from this game with the 2 points in a 6-3 win against the Bees. A key player within the Wildcats lineup is Colby Tower, he has been very influential for the Wildcats in their games against the Bees so far this season and just seems to have perfect timings as well as chances to help push Swindon towards the 2 points. Something worth mentioning when it comes to Swindon is their amazing powerplay unit, which they doing take advantage off when they do get the extra man on the ice but this is not only on the powerplay they also have a very good approach to pulling the netminder towards the end of the game to try close a gap on the scoreboard. Face-off is at 6:30pm tonight. 

Last weekend the Bees and Pitbulls faced each other at Planet Ice Bristol last Saturday, where the Pitbulls just had the edge to their game and forced the Bees to leave the rink with only 1 point after the game went to overtime. Last minute the Pitbulls had the addition Maxim Birbraer, who then went on to score the overtime game winning goal for Bristol on Saturday. A key player within the Pitbulls defensive zone is Reece Kelly who while he’s been paired with Maxim Birbraer and these two allow a defensive security as well as being quick to if necessary be able to jump into an offensive style of play. Face-off for this game is 5pm. This game against the Bristol Pitbulls also gives us the opportunity to celebrate Harvey Stead’s 500th senior game while also at the same time being able to raise money for an amazing charity, Young Epilepsy. On Sunday night there will be chances for you to take part in a raffle and win some amazing prizes. This is for an amazing cause and hope to be able to raise as much money as we can. To get tickets to our Sunday home fixture click here. Also to see the London Heat 999 vs Surrey Lions click here for only £1 come see the game before the Bees game faces off. We look forward to seeing you all there.