Last weekend the TSI World Bees took on the Telford Tigers in a doubleheader weekend in home and away fixtures with the Bees just falling short when it came to the final stages of the game. 

Bees IHC 5-6 Telford Tigers 

The Tigers skate away with the opening period win and were able to create opportunities to take the lead quite earlier on as Finley Howells was able to take the lead for the Tigers at 3:55 with Scott McKenzie and Nick Oliver receiving assists on the first goal. This goal had sparked something inside the Bees to chase down the Tigers’ early lead as Dominik Gabaj was able to equalise the game at 8:17 with the assistance of Marcel Balaz and Vanya Antonov. Then Aiden Doughty found himself on a one on one against Brad Day and managed to slot the puck to the goal and take the lead for the Bees at 9:20 with Marcel Balaz and Dan Rose. Towards the end of the first period Henry Adams saw himself faced with an Interference penalty to put the Bees on the power play, but the Bees were unable to capitalise on the chance and the period finished 2-1 in favour of the Bees.

The Bees came into the second period chasing their 3rd goal but the Tigers were the first to see success in the second period as Scott McKenzie found the back of Brett Shepherd’s goal to equalise the game. But then at 23:21, Gianni Vitali scraped a goal after falling to the floor with Dan Rose and Aiden Doughty receiving assists to take the lead yet again in the game. Many chances went in favour of the Bees with those coming from Dominik Gabaj and Edward Bradley after being able to force their way into the Bees’ offensive zone but just found themselves not able to get the puck to the back of the net. Lucas Price was able to yet again bring the game level for the Tigers at 30:12 but not long after Marcel Balaz found himself with the chance to catch the Bees’ lead and he did just that by securing a goal at 33:22 with assists awarded to Vanya Antonov and Dominik Gabaj. Just before the period could end the Bees had a man advantage due to a Telford penalty called and Bees were able to take advantage of the situation with Marcel Balaz getting his second goal of the night with a power play goal and Dominik Gabaj as well as Gianni Vitali receiving assists on the goal. 

2 minutes into third period Telford were able to start their comeback into the game as Scott McKenzie got his second goal of the night to make it a 1 goal difference on the scoreboard for the Tigers to tackle. The Bees’ defence tried to stop the Tigers from getting into the Bees’ defensive zone but James Smith was able to equalise the game to create an intensity for both teams in the build-up towards the end of the period. With only 1 minute and 49 seconds left, Vladimir Luka scored the game winning goal for the Tigers to secure the 2 points for them after an incredible battle between both sides.