The TSI World Bees walk away from this weekend after facing the Hull Seahawks in a double header with 2 points after making the trip up to Hull and being able to force the Seahawks into overtime after a comeback after being 5-0 down. Then on Sunday evening, the Bees welcomed the Seahawks to the Slough Ice Arena and a shootout thriller saw Hull take the extra point.

Hull Seahawks 6-5 Bees IHC (After overtime)

The Bees came into this fixture with the addition of Ryan Wardell from the Whitley Bay Warriors, backing up Brett Shepherd, and the return of Zaine McKenzie to the Bees lineup after some time away from the Bees. 

A strong start for the Seahawks with chances straight away for them in the Bees’ defensive zone but then found themselves short-handed for 2 minutes but the Bees were not able to take advantage early on in the game. A goal to see Hull take the lead at 9:21 was scored by Emil Svec with him being able to also get the second Hull goal of the night at 12:09. The Seahawks found themselves with a man advantage and were able to capitalise on the chance, which made an even bigger gap on the scoreboard for Bees to try and close. Another goal scored by Finley Urlick at 17:01 to see the first period end 4-0  in favour of the Seahawks.

The Bees entered the second period eager to close the challenge that the Seahawks had put in front of them but found themselves facing a 2 minute penalty served by Marcel Balaz for Tripping early on. Just as Bees were able to kill the Tripping penalty, Emil Svec managed to secure his hat trick on the night at 30:08 to get the fifth Seahawks goal of the night but only 6 minutes later Gianni Vitali managed to end the Bees’ silence with Will Stead and Dan Rose receiving assists to see the fans to the end of the period.

Just under 4 minutes into the third period at 43:43 Vanya Antonov started the period off with a high to build momentum up for the Bees with the second goal of the night with Dominik Gabaj getting the assist on the goal and then at 45:53 Dominik Gabaj helped keep the Bees’ fight alive by getting the third goal with Vanya Antonov receiving the assists on the goal. With just under 10 minutes left Marcel Balaz managed to slot the puck to the back of the Hull goal to make it a one goal gap for the Bees to fight. At 57:29, Zaine McKenzie was forced into the penalty box to sit a 2 minute Delay of Game but this did not stop Marcel Balaz from getting the equalising goal at 58:18 to force the Seahawks into overtime. Some good chances went in favour of both teams but Bobby Chamberlain managed to secure the extra point for the Seahawks at 62:48.

Bees IHC 2-3 Hull Seahawks (After Shootout)

An opening period face-off for the Bees saw them secure possession and take control of the game early with an improvement to their game from the previous game on the Saturday at Hull in the form of their passing accuracy throughout the first period that also continued over to the other 2 periods of play. Hull forced to sit a 2 minute Interference call that was served by Sam Towner but the Seahawks were able to kill the penalty but not longer after they managed to kill the penalty Ed Bradley with a sneaky shot managed to take the lead for the Bees at 13:33 with Brendan Baird receiving the assist on the goal. But Finley Urlick was quick to react to Ed Bradley’s success with a goal of his own to equalise the game at 16:27, that would see the period end at one a piece for each side.

A similar start to the second period as the first for the Seahawks as Finley Urlick faced a 2 minute penalty for High Sticks and yet again Hull were able to kill the penalty as well as another one called on Thomas Stubley for Tripping. A massive improvement within the power play saw the Bees get many chances to regain the lead but were just unlucky to not get the puck to the back of the net. A penalty called on Bees against Aiden Doughty for 2 Boarding saw the Seahawks begin to apply pressure in Bees’ defensive zone but were unable to take full advantage of the situation. However, as the Bees returned to full strength the Seahawks managed to slip the puck to the back of the Bees goal to take the lead for the first time on the night with the goal scored by Brock Bartholomew.  But with less than 2 minutes Marcel Balaz managed to equalise at 39:08 with an unassisted goal to lead us into the third period at two a piece. 

The third period was extremely defensive by both teams as well as offensive. There were a lot of chances for both teams and Bees had a power play opportunity but failed to capitalise to take the lead forcing the game to go into overtime again. A very back and forth overtime saw neither team able to settle the game and take the lead, which then saw the game go into a penalty shootout with only Josh Smith scoring for the Bees and Bobby Chamberlain, Emil Svec and Brock Bartholomew scoring for the Seahawks and securing the second point.