Weekend Preview

This weekend the TSI World Bees face the Swindon Wildcats for their away fixture of the weekend and then the Basingstoke Bison take the trip to the Slough Ice Arena on Sunday for the Bees’ home fixture of the weekend. 

The Bees take the trip to the Link Centre to take on the Wildcats and in the most recent game the Bees and Wildcats have faced off in which the Bees came out with a 3-2 win at home. So far the Bees have won 2 games against the Wildcats and Swindon have won a game against the Bees. Swindon currently sit in 5th place within the league table with a total of 41 points however Raider IHC are very close behind them at 39 points so a crucial game for the Wildcats on their home ice. It is known that Aaron Nell, who has a total of 3 goals and 2 assists against the Bees so far this season, is a big part of the Swindon lineup but another player the Bees will need to keep an eye on throughout the game will be Colby Tower, who so far this season has a total of 3 goals and 1 assist against the Bees and played a big role is the most recent clash between the two teams. Face-off on Saturday is 6:30pm and Swindon does have a stream available to purchase if you cannot make the trip and still want to watch.

Sunday will be the last time the Bees take to the ice in their Pride jerseys and the Bees will welcome the Basingstoke Bison to the Slough Ice Arena for the Bees’ home fixture of the weekend. The Bees have come away from previous games against Bison with 2 wins while Bison come away with 1 win. The Bison currently sit in 8th place with a playoff spot but are on the same points as the Bristol Pitbulls as they are both on 25 points making a win this weekend crucial for the Bison too in their final push for that playoff spot. Captain George Norcliffe will be a key member of the Bison’s lineup on Sunday as each game he puts 110% into the game and has so far this season put up 2 goals and 2 assists against the Bees but another name worth mentioning is Gael Lubwele who has a total of 2 goals and 5 assists against the Bees in games so far this season but has also proven he will do anything to help a team member out and will push until the very end of the game to help his team secure the 2 points. Face-off is at 5pm on Sunday and if you are unable to make it down to the Slough Ice Arena, we do have a stream available if you click here but if you can make it and come support the boys click here to book tickets. We look forward to seeing you down there.