Over the course of this weekend the TSI World Bees welcome the Raiders IHC to the Slough Ice Arena on Saturday for their home fixture of the weekend then on Sunday they will take the trip up to Telford to face the Tigers for their away fixture to end the weekend.

Last time the Bees and Raiders faced off against each other the Raiders came away with the win at Sapphire on the 28th December last year (4-1). So far this season the games between the Bees and Raiders, the Raiders have come away with all the wins. A key individual within the Raiders lineup is Matt Gomercic, who in games against the Bees this season has a total of 5 goals and 2 assists, however has gathered 11 penalty minutes against the Bees. On the opposite side, a key player for the Bees in games against the Raiders is Juha Lindgren as he has gathered a total of 2 goals and 2 assists. We have also seen players like JJ Pitchley and Sebastian Mohr have successes against the Raiders with JJ scoring 2 goals against the Raiders and Sebastian getting his first goal in Bees colours against the Raiders. The Raiders currently find themselves in 6th place within the league with 41 points. Face-off is at 6:30pm on Saturday at the Slough Ice Arena. 

The Bees make the trip to Telford on Sunday and the last time these two teams faced off against each other, the game was forced to go to penalty shots but saw the Tigers take the extra point and Bees only walk away with 1 point. So far the Bees have won only one game against Telford and that was at the Tigers home rink. A key individual for the Tigers and the player the Bees will have to watch out for is Robort Herrman, who made a big impact for the Tigers in his first game he played for the Tigers, which was against the Bees. During this game Robert scored 1 goal but was key in the penalty shoot out. Another young talent to watch out for is Sam Watkins who so far has 1 goal against the Bees but can help the Tigers in any situation and will keep pushing until the last buzzer. The Tigers currently find themselves in a playoff position with 27 points but the Bristol Pitbulls also have 27 points so securing these points will be a vital part in the final push for the Tigers in their quest to make the playoffs. 

To get tickets to the Bees vs Raiders game on Saturday click here , however if you cannot make it to the Slough Ice Arena on Saturday click here to purchase our stream. We look forward to welcoming the Raiders to Slough as well as our fans.