On Saturday, the TSI World Bees welcomed the Telford Tigers to the Slough Ice Arena for their home game of the weekend. The Bees welcomed Jack Hoppes back into the lineup while the Tigers welcomed new Robert Herrman as well as Gareth O’Flaherty and Tom Carlon into their lineup.

The Bees started off the game with an opening face-off win against the Tigers and both teams within the first 5 minutes had already applied pressure onto the other team. An early goal went in favour of Telford ,time at 7:12, scored by Finley Howells off the face-off with an assist awarded to Scott McKenzie. Bees reacted with a face-off win and Brendan Walkom straight away got past the Tigers defence to create a chance but was unlucky and hit the crossbar. Then at 10:52, some great plays of passing between Dominik Gabaj and Brendan Walkom saw the Bees equalise with the goal being awarded to Brendan Walkom and assisted by Dominik Gabaj. Will Stead made some crucial defensive plays on the night in front of Matt Smital but then Brendan Walkom got another chance and yet again managed to get past Brad Day at 17:08 with assists awarded to Will Stead and Juha Lindgren. The first period ended Bees 2-1 Tigers and Matt Smital faced a total of 16 shots during the period whereas Brad Day faced 8 shots on the other side of the ice.

The start of the second period was extremely back and forth as Telford were eager to equalise but, after efforts defensively for the Bees, Scott McKenzie got the equalising goal for the Tigers at 29:36 with assists awarded to Vladmir Luka and Finley Howells. More chances go in favour of both teams but at 38:11 Brendan Walkom secures a hatrick as telford had found themselves having to kill a 5 on 3 chance after Jack Watkins faced a 2 minutes for Interference penalty, Brad Day faced 2 minutes for Holding and Scott McKenzie faced a 2 minutes Cross-Checking penalty. The Bees goal assists were awarded to Dominik Gabaj and Dan Rose. During the second period, Matt Smital faced 14 shots while Brad Day faced 7 shots and Bees had the lead at 3-2. 

The Tigers came out in the third period and won the opening period face-off and were yet again hungry to get the equalising goal to ensure they at least got 1 point on the night. Some great saves were made by Matt Smital during this period but Telford called a timeout at 57:53, and not long after Robert Herrman managed to get the puck to the back of the Bees net to equalise the game with assists awarded to Scott McKenzie and Daniel Rose. This late goal from the Tigers forced the game into overtime, where Finley Howells for the Tigers won the opening face-off. During overtime there were some close chances for both teams but both netminders stood strong and did not let anything in the goal, which meant the game had to go to penalty shots where the Tigers took the 2 points and Bees walked away with 1 point.

On Sunday, The Bees took the trip up to Peterborough to face the Phantoms for their away fixture – their final fixture of the weekend. 

Early on in the first period Bees were forced onto the penalty kill but Phantoms did not manage to get past Adam Goss on this occasion. At 11:18, Ralfs Circenis got the Phantoms onto the scoreboard with assists awarded to Lukas Sladkovsky and Joe Gretton then again at 16:56, Martin Susters extended the Phantoms lead with a powerplay goal with assists awarded to Ales Padelek and Glenn Billing. Chances did come in favour of the Bees but then with only 35 seconds left in the first period Ralfs Circenis got his second goal of the night at 19:25 with assists going to Lukas Sladkovsky and Austin Mitchell-King. Bees and Phantoms both faced 2 penalty minutes in the first period. 

Phantoms came out in the second period hungry for more goals and only 13 seconds into the second period Glenn Billing secured a fourth goal for the Phantoms Timed at 20:13with Martin Susters and Ales Padelek awarded with assists. Ralfs Circenis received a 2 minutes Holding Penalty which gave the Bees an advantage and Brendan Walkom helped stop the Bees’ silence with a powerplay timed at 33:18 with assists awarded to Dominik Gabaj and Stuart Mogg. However Austin Mitchell-King for the Phantoms was quick to react to Brendan’s goal at 38:21 with the fifth goal for Peterborough, assists were awarded to Lukas Sladkovsky and Ralfs Circenis. 

The Bees kept pushing throughout the second period and had some early chances to try to close the gap on the scoreboard and at 43:07 Josh Martin had the second goal for the Bees on the night with assists going to Ryan Webb and JJ Pitchley. Then at 50:58, JJ Pitchley wanted a taste of his own goal and did exactly that with assists awarded to Dan Rose and Josh Martin. Bees pulled Adam Goss in attempts to equalise but did not succeed and Phantoms Glenn Billing at 57:18 got the last goal with an empty net for the Phantoms and assists went to Ryan Bainborough and Scott Robson. The game ended Phantoms 6-3 Bees.